Stop Your Disingenuous Whining About The Filibuster, Liberals

It’s hilarious to see liberals complaining that they’re helpless to pass any legislation because they only have 254 Democrats in the House, 59 senators, and the presidency.

Wah, cry me a river, you whiny little crybabies. Speaking of whiny crybabies, here’s Steve Benen from Washington Monthly sobbing about the GOP’s use of the filibusters. Try to hold back your tears of sympathy as you read this:

That’s absolutely true. The scope of this abuse is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the United States. A discredited minority decided that elections no longer have consequences, and that blocking the Senate’s ability to vote on the majority’s agenda is entirely acceptable.

Of course, our political system encourages this misconduct — the less than gets done, the angrier the public. The angrier the public, the more likely the majority party loses. Ergo, the minority has a powerful incentive to make sure nothing gets done.

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I suspect the frustration felt by President Obama must be pretty intense. The country has effectively told him, “We need you to rescue an economy in freefall, oversee two costly wars, fix a deteriorating job market, address a crushing debt, and fix health care, energy policy, immigration, a housing crisis, a collapsing U.S. auto industry, the Gitmo mess, and America’s reputation around the world. Oh, and for the first time in American history, literally every measure and nomination of any significance will be blocked by a Senate filibuster. Good luck.”

And the great irony is, the party that’s responsible for the gridlock and unprecedented obstructionism is poised to be rewarded for their ridiculous behavior.

I continue to think observers should characterize Republican filibuster abuse for what it is: an extraordinary political scandal that undermines the American government’s ability to function.

Poor, poor Obama. He must be so frustrated! Here he is trying not to “let a crisis go to waste” passing half the pieces of legislation on the left-wing wish list and the Republicans in the Senate are stopping him. Moreover, because the public hates the legislation Obama is trying to pass, the Republicans are “poised to be rewarded for their ridiculous behavior.”

Notice the underlying assumptions here: The Republicans lost in 2008, so they should just roll over and die. You’ll note that’s never a sentiment liberals apply to Democrats when the GOP is in charge. Benen also assumes the public is so stupid that they’re lashing out in anger at the Democrats because the Republicans are blocking them, NOT because Americans don’t like Obama’s left-wing policies.

Here’s a crazy and/or evil thought, depending on which of the two responses to almost every conservative comment you liberals prefer to latch onto: If the Democrats were actually pushing legislation that was popular, they wouldn’t be having these problems.

Do you really think the Republicans could still maintain a filibuster of a health care bill that was supported by 60% of the American people? Do you really think Americans would reward the GOP at the ballot box for blocking legislation that they want?

Give me a break. The reason there have been so many filibusters is because the Democrats are pushing so many massive, radical, unpopular pieces of legislation. Tell you what: you lefties stop trying to turn the United States into a utopian, socialist paradise that has never existed on earth previously and never will and there won’t be any of your unworkable, destructive ideas on the table for us to filibuster. Then, everybody will be happy.

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