Barack Obama: The Best Lying Demagogue Ever to Infest the White House

As he disgustingly used law enforcement officials as a back drop in Colorado, President Obama uttered a few lines about his un-Constitutional gun grabbing policy ideas that truly proves he’s the best lying demagogue to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Obama had a message about elected officials, who they are, and what they want to do about Obama’s anti-Second Amendment crusade. But his phrasing of the subject is particularly interesting. He turned the truth on its head, made anyone that stands for the Second Amendment into a nut case, and dismissed any thought that government could be used as a tool of oppression despite the whole of human history proving him otherwise. And he wrapped up by hinting that anyone that stands against him wants more kids to die.

Here is what he said:

Now, notice the conceit, here. Obama is trying to ridicule anyone that supports the Second Amendment for its real, actual purpose–as a check on government oppression. He is trying to make it seem that Second Amendment supporters are nuts or even dangerous, but at the very least dismissible because they understand the true purpose of the Second Amendment.

How does he do this? By claiming that elected officials are “us.” In Obama’s formulation, oppressive government is essentially impossible because “we” elect “us,” we elect the government and it/they is “us.”

The lie that government in the U.S. cannot be oppressive would be news to the participants of the Whiskey Rebellion, the Mormons, the Civil War, anyone that was a slave until 1865, or anyone that was black until 1963. The idea that the government couldn’t possibly step over the line would be a surprise to anyone that home schools or wants to sell un-homogenized milk today. It would be a surprise to people that are beaten and abused by rogue cops, too, something that happens all across the country all too often.

Now, this isn’t me saying that government is always oppressive. Of course it isn’t. It is also not to say that government is unresponsive to we the people unless we threaten to shoot some cop or official, either. That is as equally stupid as Obama’s extreme claim to the contrary.

But Obama is positing that just because we elect people, they couldn’t possibly be oppressive. This is a simply lie used to demean Second Amendment supporters.

There is another context to his talking points, here. Since the government is “us” then we should be able to do what “we” want. “We” are the government, he is saying, so we should be able to say what we want to change at any time. After all, government is “us,” dontcha know!

Yet, then he laments that the U.S. Constitution “restrains” him from oppressing we the people.

So, which is it, Mr. President?

Can government do what ever it wants because government is “us,” or are you constrained by a Constitution that has set ideals governing your actions? You can’t have it both ways, pal.

His ending was particularly demagogic. Standing on the graves of murdered kids, Obama essentially evoked their deaths to stay that if you stand against his un-Constitutional gun grabs, then you want more kids to die.

This episode only goes to show what a lair and demagogue this man really is.

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