Liberal States Look To Tax Guns And Ammunition

Would you be surprised that Illinois, which contains the murder capital of the US (Chicago) despite draconian and oppressive gun laws aimed at law abiding citizens, is leading the way?

(USA Today) Cook County, Ill., this month began collecting a $25 tax on gun purchases, and at least six states are considering new taxes on firearms or ammunition as a way to help pay for the consequences of gun violence.

The Cook County tax applies to purchases in Chicago’s suburbs, but not the city. The tax is expected to raise $600,000 a year, which will help pay for indigent gunshot victims’ medical care at county-run Stroger Hospital.

The criminals, especially the gan-bangers, are thrilled with this tax, which won’t affect themselves. It just makes it more costly for those who want guns for hunting, target shooting, and most especially, defense from those who roam the lawless streets of Chicago and the surrounding area.

Gun and ammunition purchases are subject to local sales taxes, and manufacturers pay a federal excise tax – 10% for pistols and revolvers, 11% for other guns, shells and cartridges – that funds wildlife programs.

Lawrence Keane, general counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents gun manufacturers, distributors and retailers, says proposals for new gun taxes are “a coordinated effort by gun-control groups to try to impose a poll tax on the exercise of the Second Amendment.”

This is double taxation on the law abiding citizens, who will have to pay the tax as they are treated like the criminal. It’s not against the Constitution, but the Supreme Court has previously ruled against the ability to tax the same item/property/person more than once.

Democrats in Congress have submitted legislation putting a 10% tax on handgun purchases. New Jersey, Washington, California, Nevada*, Massachusetts, and Maryland have all passed or are looking to pass taxes on gun and ammunition purchases.

The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill that includes a fee of up to $25 for handgun licenses. Delegate Jon Cardin, a Democrat, also proposed a 50% tax on ammunition purchases to increase funding for mental health programs and to modernize permitting and licensing procedures.

“This is not taking away people’s guns,” Cardin says.

Perhaps not, but it is making it more and more expensive for law abiding citizens to purchase and use their guns, much like the tax on cigarettes. Except guns are covered by the US Constitution. And, really, none of this affects the criminal, the person who would use a gun in a violent crime. Strange how virtually none of the legislation, be it the aforementioned taxes or others, is aimed at actual criminals, wouldn’t you say?

*Yes, Nevada is a liberal state, at least in the Legislature, which Democrats control.

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