‘Black Lives Matter’ Organizers: ‘All Lives Matter’ Is a Violent Statement [Video]

‘Black Lives Matter’ Organizers: ‘All Lives Matter’ Is a Violent Statement [Video]

What utter horse manure. Saying ‘all lives matter’ is not a statement of hatred, you morons. And it is not violent. The Black Lives Matter movement has that area cornered all by themselves. These guys are thugs and bullies. They go after socialist Bernie Sanders and get him to cower and back down on stage in Seattle. They harass O’Malley and he caves as well. Those are socialists, I would expect nothing less than craven pandering. Hillary Clinton just makes no sense on the issue, but she made just enough to tick these racists off. They got into it with conservatives in Vegas at a Jeb Bush meeting. The conservatives didn’t back down and got in their faces, which is the right thing to do. You don’t give in to bullies. All lives matter period… even theirs.

Black Lives Matter

From Gateway Pundit:

Last week Hillary Clinton met with members of the Black Lives Matter movement in New Hampshire after she locked them out of her event.

The awkward exchange was caught on video.

Today Wolf Blitzer interviewed the #BlackLivesMatter grievance activists on CNN.

The far left activists were disappointed with the meeting.

Julius Jones, a lead Black Lives Matter protester, said saying,

“Black lives are actively under attack and we are in a terrible war within our own country. African Americans are Americans. And when we say we’re not treated like that. We’re not treated like black lives matter. And when people say ‘all lives matter’ it’s actually a violent statement.”

Good grief.

What nonsense.

Via Weasel Zippers:

I guess racism sells on CNN. With their bottom of the barrel ratings, they’ll air anything, even radical activists to become relevant once again. Notice how Clinton answers these loons – she never tells them to stop the violence or that they should stop committing crimes. She talks about hearts. Like anyone gives a flying crap. I’m sick of the professional victimhood here and the continued references to repression and slavery. Slavery ended over 100 years ago and these people are not repressed. They are free to go out and succeed or fail just like the rest of us. Instead they rant on and on about how blacks are treated – how about the way the rest of America is treated? Get over yourselves. We all have problems and we all have obstacles. Not everyone goes out and commits crimes and attacks police officers before proclaiming their innocence though. These people need to take a long, hard look at how they are living and behaving and put their house in order. Race does not give you special rights. It also doesn’t make your life more important than others.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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