Black Lives Matter Podcast Calling for Whites to be Murdered & Lynched Suddenly Disappears from Website

Last week the Internet burned up with news that a group of African Americans hosting a “black lives matter” styled podcast had been urging blacks to begin lynching white people and taking photos of their bodies hanging from trees The podcast had been up for some time, but over the weekend, after people began to notice its existence, the program suddenly disappeared from the black radical’s website.

I guess the sunshine put on these hate-filled creeps made them scurry like the cockroaches they are

The Texas podcast that called for the lynching of white people and the killing of cops appears to have been taken down from their page. While links to the program, “Sunshines F**king Opinion Online Radio” can still be found, the program’s page is no longer there. The podcast called for people to kill cops just days prior to the execution of a Harris County sheriff’s deputy.

The Texas-based radio show’s guests called for lynching white people and taking pictures of them hanging in trees, according to a Breitbart Texas report on Friday. Another caller spoke of the need for blacks to kill cops to “turn the tide.”

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Friday night, when the Harris County sheriff’s deputy was murdered, Breitbart Texas reported that Sheriff Ron Hickman said Deputy Goforth’s murder “strikes us all at the heart of public service. We will hunt this person down and do our best to bring that person to justice,” during a middle of the night press conference. Later that same day, his department had successfully arrested the suspect, Shannon Miles.

On the Texas-based radio show host’s Twitter page, @LOLatWhiteFear, there is not any indication from her that the radio show account has been taken down. However, all links on her Twitter and Instagram account to the program produce a “404 Error” that say “We couldn’t find that page. Seriously, we looked everywhere.”

These are the same people reported on last week for posting photos to social media showing them wiping their rear ends with the American flag.

These people are filled with hate, rage, and are advocates for murder, not “civil rights activists.”

Warner Todd Huston

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