Booster Uses Rape Case to Sell Unions

This one sure is disgusting. Remember that the chief of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested for sexually assaulting a maid in New York? Well the leftist website AlterNet is using the DSK rapist incident to push unions. Like most leftists no crisis is too bad to exploit for union gains, I guess.

In her article, Alternet’s Adele M. Stan spent a few paragraphs bemoaning the “abuse of power” perpetrated by DSK. But it wasn’t long until she focused on her theme. Without unions, you see, the rape victim could never have reported her attacker.

After extolling the bravery of the victim for having reported the attacik, Stan made an absurd claim.

… there was one thing that housekeeper knew could not be done to her for reporting her account, observes a colleague in the labor movement: she could not be fired for having done so, because of the contract between her union, the New York Hotel Trades Council, and the Sofitel Hotel at which she works.

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This was bad enough. But next Stan launches into a spate of pop psychology and rambles on about how men “fantasize” about raping maids.

It is not for nothing that a beloved sexual-fantasy meme for legions of ordinary men who seek sexual power involves a scantily-clad woman sporting a tiny apron, feather duster in hand.

Then our loverly Stan goes off on her own fantasy, that made of a socialist screed. This story, she tells us, is one that “speaks more deeply to power relationships between haves and have-nots.”

Oh, brother.

Can we just beg off the hyperbole and remember one thing here? Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a socialist! He is exactly the sort of person that the good folks at AlterNet love! He has spent his life extolling the virtues of unionism, socialism, communism, all the low isms that AlterNet pushes every single day.

Yet, here they are pretending that he is some corporate fatcat and one of the “ruling class.”

This absurd piece smacks of a Judas moment. Remember when Judas Iscariat was asked if he was a follower of Jesus and Judas said he wasn’t? Yep. AlterNet is pretending they never loved DSK.

The sad fact for AlterNet is that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, serial rapist and abuser, is one of them!

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