The Face Of The Modern Left

Michael Walsh of NRO nails it here. The Face Of The Modern Left:

In his combination of unctuousness, mendacity, mock-reasonableness, petulance, bullying, hypocrisy, overweening arrogance, brazen aggression, self-pity, victimhood, and bogus moral preening, it’s hard to beat Congressman Anthony Weiner.
I mean, how hard was it to see through Tony Weiner? Or an even worse mountebank, John Edwards, who positively oozed phoniness from every pore – and yet somehow wound up on the Democratic ticket as the sidekick to another pretentious poseur, John Kerry?
By comparison, a genial snake-oil salesman like Bill Clinton comes off as a somewhat lovable rogue, if you don’t count the cost to the nation of his perjury and its continuing repercussions. The country is paying a heavy price for the media’s childish celebration of what a good liar Clinton was – the problem is that much less good liars have proliferated in his wake.

It’s not that Republicans don’t have their fair share of jerks and liars. The difference is how we on the left and right react to them. With Lee, Craig, Foley, and Vitter, none of us raced to defend these scumbags. We all demanded that they step down immediately. Newt Gingrich has a brilliant mind and was speaker of the house, but all that doesn’t change the fact that he is a liar and a cheat. No one I know speaks well of him. It’s his personal behavior that is keeping him from any chance at the nomination.

Meanwhile Bill Clinton is the most loved Democrat in the party. The left and Democrats still swoon over him. Despite lying to the American people as President, committing perjury, and humiliating his wife and child, the Democrats stood proudly by his side, and still do.

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That’s the difference my friends. Not the politicians, but the supporters.

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