Boston FD Advice To Occupiers: Please Don’t Unintentionally Burn The City Down

The Boston Herald’s story is actually about the Boston Occupiers turning to……

Occupy Boston has turned to the local experts on street survival – the homeless – as members of the leaderless movement prepare to dig in for a long winter in their makeshift tent city on the Rose Kennedy Greenway downtown.

The homeless have given the anti-corporate protest’s volunteer organizers helpful tips such as stuffing their clothes with “hay and straw,” said Kristopher Eric Martin, who works in Occupy Boston’s logistics and supplies tent.

Why, yes, let’s ask the people who may be crazy and uneducated for advice. Anyhow, the city said the Occupiers are more than welcome to hang out and freeze their nads off to their hearts content. Though, they probably realize that once the temps start dipping down, the Occupiers will head for home.

Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald also offered some good advice: “Please do not burn the city down, perhaps by using kerosene lamps.”

“Our concern is always the big picture: No matter where you live, you don’t do things to heat your home, heat your space, heat your garage against common sense,” he said.

Yeah, probably a good idea, and, something that should be stressed to the Occupiers, since, being liberals, they do need someone to hold their hands, wipe their noses, and constantly inform them that burning the city down is a Bad Idea.

Meanwhile, Zuccotti Park area residents in NYC are a wee bit upset

Infuriated lower Manhattan residents went ballistic on Zuccotti Park protesters at a chaotic Community Board 1 meeting tonight while blasting politicians for allowing the siege to continue without any end in sight.

“They are defecating on our doorsteps,” fumed Catherine Hughes, a member of Community Board 1 and a stay at home mom who has the misfortune of living one block from the chaos. “A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids.”

Fed up homeowners said that they’ve been subjected to insults and harassment as they trek to their jobs each morning. “The protesters taunt people who are on their way to work,” said James Fernandez, 51, whose apartment overlooks the park.

They are literally pooping on people’s doorsteps. That is pretty much symbolic of the movement at this point: crapping on Everyone Else so they can get their way.

They’re also making so much noise that people, including children, are having trouble sleeping. When asked to tone it down, the Occupiers get even louder and more abusive.

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