Senate Votes Against Obama’s Jobs Bill That Stops Rapists And Murderers

Well, I’m sure that will be the Joe Biden point of view

(Washington Post) Nine days after President Obama’s $447 billion jobs package was blocked in the U.S. Senate, one of the plan’s key components – which would provide $35: billion to states and local governments to hire teachers and first responders – suffered the same fate late Thursday.

The vote represented the legislative part of a strategy by Democrats to convince voters that they are pushing popular job-creation bills that are being thwarted by Republican opposition.

All it is is simply more payback for the public teachers unions which give vast amounts of money to Democrats and vote Democrat. And millions of dollars in this stimulus will flow through the teachers and back to the union coffers. Meanwhile, the States and local governments would still be on the hook for all the pensions and other costs associated with teachers and their unions.

All 47 Republicans voted against allowing the bill to proceed to a full debate, arguing that temporary stimulus dollars for state and local government would do little to bolster the private sector.

Republicans also opposed imposing a 0.5: percent surtax on million-dollar incomes to pay for the aid, as Democrats proposed. They contended that inclusion of a tax increase signaled that the vote was intended as a campaign tool and was not a serious effort to find bipartisan agreement on spurring job growth.

Obama’s “jobs” bill was never a serious proposal to increase jobs. It was a campaign tool and an attempt to raise taxes.

Democrats said they could not accept paying for the jobs proposal by reducing spending elsewhere, as the GOP urged. Republicans countered that the opposition proved that Democrats were willing to scuttle parts of Obama’s jobs proposal that enjoyed Republican support to avoid weakening their narrative of GOP obstinacy.

And therein lies the problem: Democrats will never approve the notion of reducing government spending. They are hell bent on pushing this country into going the way of Greece.

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