Bubba Playing the Anti-Union Card?

Could it be? Could Bill Clinton be supporting a candidate because that candidate is not the union choice? Well, apparently Hell hath frozen over because your favorite lip-biting president and mine… OK, not our favorite, but you know… appeared at a fund raising event for Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln and said he supports her because she isn’t the chosen candidate of those nasty “outside” unions — as in Big Labor that comes from outside Arkansas.

Arkansas is not very union friendly, it should be remembered. After all it is a right to work state and one of the main reasons the unions are mad at Lincoln is that she was one of the few Democrats that have been soft on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). This is why Big Labor has been supporting her opponent, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.

Democrats think that Lincoln has a much better chance against what ever Republican that might face her than Halter does because he is the Big Labor candidate. Plus she is an incumbent and the party machinery is built to push her candidacy.

Over the last year Senator Lincoln has wavered on the EFCA at one time seeming disposed toward approving it and at others saying she couldn’t vote for it at this time. She has been all over the map, really.

Make no mistake, if she wins this election, you will be seeing her sidle up to her Democrat leadership in Congress and voting their way, ignoring her so-called principles and turning against her constituents.

But, that aside, it really is true that politics makes strange bedfellows. When we have long-time union flak Bill “Bubba” Clinton tossing the anti-union card to support a sitting Democrat Senator, we can see that old saw born out.

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