Calif Union Chief Says You Taxpayers are Selfish and Full of ‘Envy’

You taxpayers should be ashamed of yourselves, says Art Pulaski, executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation. You big, selfish jerks should be happy to pay the taxes that gives government employees all healthcare practically for free and allows them to retire at 50 with their comfortable 40-year-long retirement pensions that pay government union members twice what you’ll ever see in your golden years.

I mean, who do you taxpayers think you are, anyway?

Interestingly enough, even the soft-headed, left-leaning voters of California seem to be getting sick and tired of the freebies give government union members at this point.

A recent L.A.Times poll found that Californians are about done with the ritzy government employees sweet deals and are becoming tired of being the union’s sugar daddy. They are in increasing numbers desirous of caps on the spiraling unearned government union pensions.

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Seventy percent of respondents said they supported a cap on pensions for current and future public employees. Nearly as many, 68%, approved of raising the amount of money government workers should be required to contribute to their retirement. Increasing the age at which government employees may collect pensions was favored by 52%.

This high statistic seems to be shocking the left coast’s left-wingers. But it comes as no surprise to Tea Partiers, for sure.

Investors Business Daily puts it in clear terms.

Fact is, public employees live high off the hog, with their earnings exceeding the private sector. Unlike the public, which must save for retirement through 401(k)s and inefficient, unprivatized Social Security, public employees get “free” pensions after far less work – and never worry in the slightest about losing their jobs.

It means Californians will work until 70 so that public employees can retire at 50. California’s Public Employees’ Retirement System now faces $75 billion in unfunded liabilities that someone will have to pay.

But remember, government employee union chief Art Pulaski thinks you are a selfish jerk if you are a bit reticent to pay someone else to live high off the hog while you do without. It’s soooo selfish of you, ya know?

So, just you remember, taxpayer. These union thugs want you to smile as they rip you off. Don’t worry, be happy… for them… as you struggle to make ends meet.

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