CAUGHT! Democrats Using An Unbelievable Source To get Their Food!

CAUGHT! Democrats Using An Unbelievable Source To get Their Food!

Hypocrisy in action. A bunch of aging hippie leftist Democrats threw a fit in the House this week and held what they called a sit-in to protest four gun-control bills that did not pass. I guess they were hoping to get their way if they threw tantrums worthy of a five year-old. It didn’t work and lasted less than a day. But, they did make a scene. They had pillows to keep comfy and then ordered in food… because as we all know, those down with the movement always get catered meals while protesting. But the cherry on top was that they ordered from… Chick-fil-A.


From the Independent Journal:

Democrats have been making a dramatic scene in the House this week by staging a “sit-in” with hopes to force a vote on further gun control laws, spurred by Omar Mateen’s attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.

But even politicians get a little hungry when they are busy sitting on the floor, so they decided to call for some delivery—and conservatives will probably get a kick out of what they ordered.

TMZ caught interns bringing in a big cart of Chick-fil-A for the famished protesters.

After the way that the left has gone after Chick-fil-A, boycotting them over being Christian and accusing them of being anti-gay, it is ironic in the extreme that they decided to get their dining experience from them yesterday. All this while demanding guns be taken away from Americans because an Islamic terrorist killed 49 people with guns, which would in effect leave America totally unprotected and at the mercy of terrorists. These people are liars and elitists who want the protection of guns for themselves, but want to strip everyone else of those same rights. They are deeply, deeply stupid and corrupt. Hey, but at least they love Chick-fil-A! Even if it is prepared by those ‘hated’ Christians.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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