Something Went Very Wrong… Man Left With Horrific Holes In His Back! [VIDEO]

Something Went Very Wrong… Man Left With Horrific Holes In His Back! [VIDEO]

Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin creating suction and are thought to stimulate the flow of energy inside the body. A man in China had a frozen shoulder, so he decided to get cupping therapy to relieve the condition, but it went horribly wrong. He had the cups put in the same places each time. The man developed a fever after blisters formed under the cups and popped. He now has seven horrific holes in his back and they look to me like they are infected. What a nightmare.


From the Daily Mail:

Horrifying images have emerged of a man left with seven holes in his back after undergoing cupping therapy which went wrong.

63-year-old Li Lin from Chengdu, China, was promised that the treatment would make his ‘frozen shoulder’ feel better, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The man says he had been having cupping treatment every day in the same place for around a month when large blisters started to appear.

Surgeon Xie Liang said that when Li was sent to the emergency room with a high fever his back was completely swollen. On examination, it was found that he had a bacterial infection. Not surprising after seeing these pics. Doctors said that it was lucky that Li came to the hospital when he did… if he had continued them he would have developed sepsis. Which could have easily killed him. Medical staff said that the cupping should not have been done in the same position as it causes skin burns and infections. Li’s situation is improving and is not considered life threatening. But, I imagine he will be scarred for life on his back. Think I would skip that treatment, thank you very much.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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