Come Again? Michelle Just Made The WEIRDEST Announcement About Her Next Move

Come Again? Michelle Just Made The WEIRDEST Announcement About Her Next Move

It appears that after ruining children’s school lunches across America, Michelle Obama has found a new found love. Food. The problem is, what is she going to do about it, when no one can trust her judgement when it comes to just that….food?

Well, she is going to join a cooking show. That’s what. Isn’t that just sooooo very Michelle too? Completely ignoring that she totally failed when it came to food on a national level!

Back in 2008, with a weakening economy crisis…Americans picked their President and that President was Obama. Of course they were hoping for change, except they picked the most liberal President that has been in the White House in the history of U.S. Presidents!

So we got change, it just wasn’t the one people were looking for.

Now it’s 2017 and they are out of the White House and a cooking show has decided to reach out to Michelle and ask her to be one of their judges.
“Master Chef Junior” to be exact…

Again….kids and food….don’t go with Michelle well, what were they thinking?

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Obama — former first lady and dedicated enemy of taco Tuesday — will be joining the show “MasterChef Junior” as a guest judge.

“MasterChef Junior,” for the uninitiated, is a Fox cooking competition where Gordon Ramsay — a bullying celebrity chef/hyperkinetic waste of carbon and prescription amphetamines from the British Isles — berates unfortunate children for fun and profit.

The Los Angeles Times reports that other guest judges will include Martha Stewart and a few of the Muppets. When you consider the three-year jail sentence Fozzie Bear served on a wocka-wocka-wrongful death conviction, that makes Michelle Obama the only judge mentioned to have not done prison time.

Of course, the Muppets have taste buds of felt — which, by the looks of the lunches that the former first lady approved on her watch, may actually make them more qualified to pass judgment on food.

It’s a little funny….didn’t Michelle say she couldn’t WAIT until they left the White House and she could stay out of the spotlight? Now she’s signing up to be on TV worldwide!

She’s crazy.

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