YES! Hannity Just Opened A Can Of WHOOP On ‘Spineless, Gutless, Timid’ Republicans In Congress!

YES! Hannity Just Opened A Can Of WHOOP On ‘Spineless, Gutless, Timid’ Republicans In Congress!


Republicans are divided across the board right now. In one of the most right wing stacked congresses ever, coupled with Donald Trump as president, the nation is hitting a surprising number of roadblocks. While many are angry that the Republicans in congress are not doing more to support our president, Donald Trump, others feel differently. Many Republicans are finding themselves relieved that the Republicans in office are not folding to pressure, but are willing to stand and stick with their core values.

Hannity is not among those Republicans. He has spoken out on air and made it very clear how he feels about these congress members right now.

Western Journalism covered his rant.

“In the real world, you don’t do your job and do it well, you’re gonna get fired. So how is it possible that President Trump, he’s accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, and his so-called Republican allies in Congress have done nothing?” Hannity asked.

He also reminded the Republican congressmen of their promise to abolish Obamacare if they were able to regain the White House, the Senate and the House.

“You spineless, gutless, timid politicians. (The Republicans) have all three. They have the White House, the Senate, and the House. What’s their excuse now?” Hannity asked.

He definitely was unafraid to throw punches. But do you agree with him? Was it time to tell the Republicans in congress to fall in line? Or is it nice to have a balance in congress right now?


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