Commie Bernie Sanders BOOTS HOMELESS OUT Into the Freezing Cold for His Campaign Rally!!!

Commie Bernie Sanders BOOTS HOMELESS OUT Into the Freezing Cold for His Campaign Rally!!!

Now, that’s truth in advertising. Commie Bernie Sanders is offering a chicken in every pot and a frozen humanscicle in every street. In Birmingham, Alabama on Monday he spoke to thousands. AFTER he kicked out the homeless into sub-freezing temperatures to make room for his rally. Why couldn’t they send those people somewhere warm, rather than boot them into the street? This is what you get with an acclaimed socialist, who is in reality a communist, when he implements his policies. He preaches equality and taking care of the downtrodden, when in fact, if they get in the way, they get cast aside. What did you expect? Actual caring?

From The RightScoop:

With temperatures in Birmingham expected to dropped to 20 overnight Monday — the lowest temperature thus far in 2016 — the place where the city’s homeless usually go to seek shelter from the cold was unavailable.

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Boutwell Auditorium, typically used as a warming station in such situations, was not available Monday night because presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of thousands. Factoring in wind chill, it was expected to feel more like 15 degrees on the streets of Birmingham.

Last week, the auditorium housed about 300 people a night when it served as a warming station for three nights.

“We’ve never had a night like this where it will be in the teens and we weren’t able to open,” said Don Lupo, of the mayor’s office of citizen’s assistance.

Sanders paints himself as a populist… albeit one who can’t do the simplest of math problems, much less real economics. He bashes the wealthy and cries for the poor and homeless, but his actions show how he really feels. This is incredibly hypocritical. Sanders strikes me as someone that would indeed relish becoming a tyrant. 300 people froze outside while he pandered to the masses. It seems he’s forgotten that the downtrodden include the homeless. He could have had his staff handle that ‘problem’, but he didn’t even bother. That’s a man of the people alright. The mayor’s office was upset, but said it was really no one’s fault. Yes it was… it was the mayor’s and Bernie Sanders’ fault. Own it guys. Soopermexican put it perfectly: “And that’s what we can expect from socialist Bernie-in-chief: a lot of rhetoric about helping people while he makes everything worse for everyone. LOL!!”

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