‘I Turned Out to Be Right!’ Trump Details His Plan for a Border Wall in New Facebook Video

Has there ever been a candidate that congratulates themselves for their own awesomeness as much as Donald Trump does? His latest Facebook video, for some reason, gives himself credit for raising the issue of illegal immigration.

Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee

Donald Trump gave himself a pat on the back today via a Facebook video where he touted that ‘everybody’s talking’ about illegal immigration, an issue the billionaire brought to the table.

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‘I turned out to be right,’ Trump said.

He again outlined his plan to build a ‘great wall’ between the United States and Mexico, which will have a ‘beautiful big door right in the middle’ for legal immigration.

‘I took a tremendous amount of heat when I started talking about illegal immigration,’ Trump said in the quick, 57-second long video.

Trump also took heat for inaccuracies depicted in his first television ad, which was released right after the new year, where he also bragged about his plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico – and make Mexico pay for it.

In the spot, swarms of people are rushing over a border fence as the voiceover talks about Mexico.

The border crossing is instead happening in Morocco, a cool 5,000 miles away, reported Politifact, which labeled the Trump spot ‘pants on fire.’

Yes, thank God for Donald Trump, because before he mentioned it, none of us ever thought of illegal immigration and how it is a problem before! And the idea of building a wall? Genius! Surely that idea has never come up in all of politics before the brilliant Donald Trump came up with it. What would we do without him?

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