Crain’s Chicago: Earring Wearing ‘Journo’ Attacks ‘Tea-Baggers’ and Conservatives

Crain’s Chicago Business has just gotten into the business of indulging in foul, sexually charged name calling, apparently. Yes, you can mark Crain’s Chicago Business as only the latest news outlet to decide it’s funny to call conservatives “tea-baggers.” It’s a name that lefties have been tagging the movement with all winter, one derived from the sexually perverse homosexual practice.

This time it’s the self-assumed humorist and political columnist Greg Hinz who thought it was hilarious to call an Illinois gubernatorial candidate a “Tea-bagger.” In a blog post about candidate for Governor Adam Andrzejewski, Hinz broke out the funny bone and titled his offering, “Tea-bagger Andrzejewski goes for GOP gov’s gold.”

Now, without a doubt Greggie Hinz thinks he’s a laugh riot over at Crain’s Chicago Business. He must. After all, it is a laugh riot when a 60-something-year-old white, bald man wears an earring, isn’t it? (as can be seen in his blog photo) It must serve as his statement of “irony.” It’s his sign to those he meets that says, “Hey, dude, I’m a fun, funny guy.” Of course, it’s not really taken that way, sadly for Greggie. No, instead of being tragically hip, it’s just tragic. Speaking of hips, I hope this elder Crain’s jokester walks carefully on all this Chicago winter ice. We don’t want gramps to fall down and break his. And I hope Greggie walks carefully in those jester’s shoes with the curled up toes with the bells on them. It could be hazardous, ya know?

Of course Hinz’ little tootsies got cold in those funny shoes because without noting why he mysteriously changed the title of his post dropping the “Tea-bagger” epithet without comment. Fortunately he was called on it and had to comment about his surreptitious removal of his name calling down, down, down deep in the blog comments section.

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The self-proclaimed funny man claimed that he didn’t know of the sexually tinged connotation to “tea bagger.” Yeah, riiiight. A guy that is supposed to be “our award winning” political columnist, the guy with his finger on the pulse of all things political “certainly was not aware of any other meaning” for a name that has been provoking a controversy for six months at least!

He is either out of touch and, therefore, unworthy of being an “award winning columnist” or he’s a… well, you decide.

To be sure, Hinz’ piece isn’t just shabby for its initial name calling, but also for its offhanded treatment of its subject, the aforementioned Mr. Andrzejewski who Hinz treats lightly and with disdain. Presumably this is more of Mr. Hinz’ bid for the Henny Youngman Award for journalism again.

Along with the other GOP candidates Hinz calls Andrzejewski a “proclaimed conservative” and offhandedly snarks that the candidate “stands on the conservative side of other things, too.” Hinz also makes a stab for the yucks by saying “that would be him” when Adam says we need an outsider in Springfield. And to make with that hilarity of a capper Hinz ends his sarcastic piece with a childish, “so there.”

Hinz also cast a snipe at the Illinois right when he added a new first sentence that wasn’t there until he quietly chopped the sexual epithet that once headlined the post. “If the Illinois right had its choice, Adam Andrzejewski might well be its candidate for governor,” Hinz added after changing his headline. Presumably he did this because he lost his cool name calling in the headline and felt he had to explain to the reader that he was about to take out after Illinois conservatives — as if they’d be too stupid to catch his snide tone later on in the piece. I’d say that Hinz doesn’t think his readers are too smart if they couldn’t “get” where he was coming from without that clubbing at the beginning.

Chalk Greg Hinz as another left-winger that thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room who tried to pull something over on his audience… and got caught. Ooopsie.

While it lasts, the cached version of the Crain’s headline page can be seen here.

Here is a screen capture of the Google Cached page:

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