U.S. Judge Comes to Rescue of Terrorist, Throws Out Confession

(I know William already posted the story, but allow me a second to rant…) Get ready folks because this is the world of terrorist coddling that Barack Obama is setting up for us from now on. A left-wing, multicultural-loving, half-wit federal judge has sided with those who would kill us all by throwing out most of the evidence as well as the confession of a terrorist ensconced in Guantanamo Bay.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan said in a ruling that the government failed to prove that the statements made by Musa’ab Omar Al Madhwani were made free of coercion. I suppose this wonderful judge asked the terrorist if he was coerced and the terrorist unsurprisingly said, “uh, yeah, dat’s what happened. Dey que-orced me!”

Fortunately, this lame, idiot judge decided in his infinite wisdom that we should still hold the terrorist because other things he told authorities at other times was deemed important and accurate. So it could have been worse. At least this time, a hack judge didn’t let a killer free to roam about the United States at will… oh, but it’s coming.

This is what Obama has set up, America. He has set up a situation where terrorists will be loosed on an unsuspecting American public because some soft-in-the-head judge feels sorry for them.

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I’ve got another warning for you, America. Once these terrorists are loosed on us by these bleeding heart judges some of them WILL be staying in the U.S. for one reason or another. These killer’s and their enablers in the ACLU and the Democrat Party WILL find reasons for them to have to stay in our country. They will be moving in next door to you free to carry out whatever plot they want.

And there will be no army, no police force, and no toothless “court” that will save you from them, either. Only one tiny little law stands between you and Obama’s terrorists: The Second Amendment.

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