Democrats Introduce Resolution In Support Of Reducing Illegal Alien Deportation

This apparently comes from the Democratic Reward Law Breakers Caucus

(Think Progress) In the hopes of reducing the number of immigrants swiftly deported back to their home countries, three House Democrats introduced a resolution Thursday to amend federal policies that have resulted in harsh consequences for hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families.

The “Fix96 Resolution” would repeal two immigration laws that dramatically expanded the type of offenses that could be considered “aggravated felonies” — a category of criminal convictions that carry harsh consequences like mandatory detention, potential deportation, and a permanent ban from re-entering the United States.

These laws, signed in 1996 by former President Bill Clinton, have made it easier to arrest and deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants who commit minor crimes. Under the policies, being in possession of marijuana, shoplifting, and writing a bad check are all defined as “aggravated felonies.” As it stands now, immigrants who commit these type of low-level criminal offenses are arrested, sent to serve their prison sentences, and immediately turned over to federal immigration custody for potential deportation proceedings.

Heck, just being present in the country illegally should be enough to get them deported. Remember, Democrats want to reward illegal aliens who have further committed other crimes to be able to stick around, and be given lawful status, preferably the ability to vote. On the flip side, they want to prosecute citizens for Wrongthink and being climate Skeptics. Very skewed priorities.

The resolution, sponsored by Reps. Grijalva, Keith Ellison (D-MN), and Judy Chu (D-CA) and supported by more than 80 immigrant advocacy organizations, is likely to be shot down in the Republican-controlled Congress. But Democratic lawmakers’ goal is to “set the tone” and “lay the foundations” for a national dialogue about immigration reform, La Opinion reported.

If elected Republicans had any cajones, they’d take the Democrats up on this dialogue. Instead of letting the resolution die in committee, they’d hold a debate and a vote on it, putting Democrats on record as supporting people who not only broke our immigration laws, but broke other criminal laws. Make a big deal out of this. Talk about it a lot. Highlight exactly who Democrats are fighting for: namely, law breakers. There are costs to illegal aliens, almost all of them negative.

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