Democrats Tell The Truth About Afghanistan

Hullabaloo comes out and tells us what most Democrats/Liberals/Progressives think about Afghanistan

Escalation is a bad idea. The Democrats backed themselves into defending the idea of Afghanistan being The Good War because they felt they needed to prove their macho bonafides they called for withdrawal from Iraq. Nobody asked too many questions sat the time, including me. But none of us should forget that it was a political strategy, not a serious foreign policy.

There have been many campaign promises “adjusted” since the election. There is no reason that the administration should feel any more bound to what they said about this than all the other committments [sic] it has blithely turned aside in the interest of “pragmatism.”

Remember back to 2001. Quite a few of them were wondering what we, the USA, did wrong to make al Qaeda attack us. They were calling for restraint, moderation, thoughtfullness, and, said introspection into America’s blame. Barack Obama did just that in October, 2001. He also hired a 9/11 Truther for a high Czar position.

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The war in Afghanistan started too quickly for the Left to get in full force demonstration mode, as with Iraq (which most do not seem to be complaining about, at least since 1/20/2009,) so, they were forced to mostly approve and support the Afghany operations, except in their conversations with each other. But, we knew the truth. Same with Osama Bin Laden. They didn’t care if we captured or killed him, except as a means to assault President Bush. Notice that talk of getting OBL has pretty much ended, as well.

Don’t forget, they do not even want to call it the War on Terrorism anymore. Which is official, per President Neophyte.

Anyhow, thanks for telling us what all Democrats are thinking, Hullabaloo. (via Jim Geraghty)

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