Canada To Walk Out On Ahmadinejad At U.N.

Yesterday, I mention that Germany has pledged that it will walk out on Mahmoud during his speech if he goes into his typical Holocaust denial and Jew hatred modes, and was urging other E.U. countries to do the same. Now, Canada goes a step further

Canada will boycott Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the United Nations on Wednesday, saying his outbursts about the Holocaust and Israel are “shameful.”

Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon will be at the world body to attend the opening of the UN General Assembly’s annual debate, but officials signal he and other members of the Canadian delegation will vacate the Canadian seats when the Islamic republic’s President approaches the podium.

Walking out of the chamber is seen as a strong diplomatic show of disgust at the UN – and since the chamber is generally packed on the first day of the annual summit, Canada’s empty seats will not go unnoticed.

One of the first speakers of the day will be U.S. President Barack Obama, who is making his debut address before the assembly.

“President Ahmadinejad’s repeated denial of the Holocaust and his anti-Israel comments run counter to the values of the UN General Assembly, and they’re shameful,” said one Canadian official.

“He uses his public appearances to provoke the international community, and that is why Canada’s seats will be empty.”

Yeah, go Canada! Perhaps DHS should stop testing their new super duper patrol boat on Canadaian shores.

So, what of the U.S. delegation? Anyone expect them to walk out? Me neither. That would make Obama conditionless talks, at least from his side, with Iran rather difficult.

Via Michelle Malkin

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