Democrats Win, Americans Lose

It’s axiomatic that when Democrats win, the American people will suffer in some way whether it is obvious or not. In this case, the American people have pretty obviously been had. They saw it coming. The people tried to stop it. And the Democrats defied the will of the people anyway, acted without the consent of the governed, because the Democrats figure they know better than you.

And by the way, they’ll take that walking around money you have.

Michelle Malkin lists the pay-offs, bribes, extortion and money shifting. Favored states get favored treatment to avoid the very things the supporters of the bill purport the bill doesn’t do. For example, New York and Florida avoid the Medicare cuts that harm seniors. But I thought the Medicare cuts don’t harm seniors, you say. Oh, but they do. If you live in a favored state, though, you avoid the pain.

There are so many ways this bill is wrong. I’ll be taping a podcast today to discuss them. More on that later.

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