Kids Write Letters To Jesus

A happy story for a pre-Christmas Monday

Children all over the world write letters to Santa Claus asking for presents, but Hope Baldwin, a fifth-grader at St. Monica School, has a reminder for them.

“We get gifts on Christmas, on Jesus’ birthday, to remind us what a gift he was to us,” said Hope, 10, of Kalamazoo. “A lot of kids forget that. If Jesus had never been born, we wouldn’t even have Christmas.”

Hope and 25 of her classmates at the Catholic school all wrote letters this year to the Christ child instead of to the chubby man in the red suit. They didn’t ask for a thing – the kids detailed the various ways their families celebrate Christ’s birth and poured heartfelt thoughts about Jesus onto paper, expressing love, appreciation and spirituality beyond their years.

Hope told baby Jesus in her letter that he is the true meaning of Christmas. “Some people get carried away with presents and Santa Claus,” she wrote. “They forget what Christmas is really about. … Jesus, you gave everything you had for me, including your life. That’s why I celebrate your birth on Christmas day.”

I’m sure the ACLU or some other far left group will have a problem with this, even though it is a private school.

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