Dems Illinois Lt. Gov. Candidate and His… uh… Peccadilloes, The Jerry Springer Democrat

-By Warner Todd Huston

I just can’t get excited about Scott Lee Cohen, the wacky Lt. Gov. that the Democrats have chosen to represent them in November. Sure he’s the Jerry Springer candidate, sure he’s violent, roided up, and sort of scummy.

But, he’s upfront about it all, he’s honest about his general scumminess. And he DID win the election.

In the Chicago Sun-Times Sneed had a few tidbits I’ll repost here to give you a general idea of where this guy fits on the Jerry Springer scale:

  • Nit wit: In divorce court files, Debra York-Cohen, his ex-wife, claimed her husband constantly taunted her about sexual diseases. “He knows how concerned I am, since he admitted to me that he has been sleeping around, and is constantly taunting me about getting a sexual disease, and insisting it is not because of him.”
  • Twit wit: She also claimed Cohen had been taking injectable anabolic steroids, which resulted in an erratic, explosive temper.
  • To wit: In addition, Mrs. Cohen claimed he had been physically abusive and once sought an order of protection against him. Cohen, a pawnbroker, was once arrested on charges of holding a knife to his live-in prostitute girlfriend’s neck.

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I keep reading of all the outrageous stuff this Cohen character has done during his life. I am supposed to be all upset that such a wack-job with criminal propensities has won the nomination of the Democrats.

But… I just can’t get my rage on.

I just don’t see a lick of difference between Scott Lee Springer…uh, I mean Cohen…. and ANY other Democrat candidate in this state?

I mean, with dozens of them in jail, likely dozens more about to be, with the criminals, thieves and wack-jobs already elected by Democrats…. I just can’t see what makes this Cohen fella so different?

Scott Lee Cohen, the drug abusing, prostitute accosting, wife beater seems like your average Chicago Democrat to me.

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