Press Release From Tennessee Tea Party Coaltion

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Tennessee Tea Party Coalition

Open Press Conference

Nashville, TN — (February 5, 2010) In response to the recent announcement of the Ensuring Liberty PAC from the Tea Party Nation National Convention, the Tennessee Tea Party Coalition (TNTPC) would like to make clear that the tea party movement within the state of Tennessee is unified. On January 23, 2010, Tea Party groups from across the state of Tennessee formed the Tennessee Tea Party Coalition. Fifty-eight delegates representing thirty-four active Tennessee Tea Party groups with a collective membership totaling more than eighteen thousand concerned citizens have formed the coalition.

The Tennessee Tea Party Coalition will hold a press conference Saturday February 6, 2010 at 1:00pm CST in the Presidential Pre-Function Lobby of the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. We will address what the tea party movement in Tennessee has been able to accomplish at the grassroots level and how we see that the Peoples movement will progress going forward.

Coalition members will be available for questions concerning the work done here to date in Tennessee, and to provide contrast to the attempts by others to seize the will of We Te People.

The Tennessee Tea Party Coalition, is a non-partisan, user driven organization for all tea party groups and concerned Tennesseans looking for a place to network and engage with other like-minded individuals and groups. It is both a reference and resource entity geared at educating citizens and it is a social network to facilitate communication among its membership.

The Tennessee Tea Party Coalition website is also hosting an online interactive town hall forum with numerous candidates for elected office in the upcoming 2010 midterm elections participating. The town hall can be accessed at .

No, Judson Phillips does NOT represent the Tea Party movement. He represents himself.

And now, Sarah Palin is going to have to defend the moronic decision to invite Joseph Farrah who waxed eloquent about the Birther nonsense.

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