Dept. Of Education To Investigate Civil Rights In Schools, Blames Bush

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Seeking to step up enforcement of civil rights laws, the federal Department of Education says it will be sending letters in coming weeks to thousands of school districts and colleges, outlining their responsibilities on issues of fairness and equal opportunity.

As part of that effort, the department intends to open investigations known as compliance reviews in about 32 school districts nationwide, seeking to verify that students of both sexes and all races are getting equal access to college preparatory curriculums and to advanced placement courses. The department plans to open similar civil rights investigations at half a dozen colleges.

While it is certainly a noble goal to make sure that schools are providing equal access, this seems more like a way of placating a certain segment of the US population which believes that there is rampant racism and discrimination everywhere. Except against Black and female conservatives, of course. We can expect the report to conclude, after the DOE is done interfering with the way schools operate, that there is rampant racism and discrimination occurring, and it is Bush’s fault. Speaking of Bush’s fault

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan is to announce the initiatives in a speech on Monday in Selma, Ala., where on March 7, 1965, hundreds of civil rights marchers were beaten by Alabama state troopers.

Mr. Duncan plans to say that in the past decade the department’s Office for Civil Rights “has not been as vigilant as it should have been in combating gender and racial discrimination and protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities,” according to a text of the speech distributed to reporters on Sunday.

It continues, “We are going to reinvigorate civil rights enforcement.”

And we all know that “in the past decade” is code word for “Blame Bush.”

This is exactly the kind of thing Democrats and left leaners do not understand: rights are derived from the people, not the government. The government should follow the people, not dictate behavior.

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