Paul Krugman’s Universe

Paul Krugman, an op-ed columnist for the The New York Times, truly illustrates the warped thinking of many liberals. In his latest piece he states that Republicans and Democrats live in different universes. That part is undeniably true. But his universe is clearly the “Alice In Wonderland” type of universe. Nothing quite makes sense when you compare it to the real world.

Krugman starts by being upset with Sen. Jim Bunning, a Republican of Kentucky, for blocking a one month extension of unemployment benefits. Krugman sees this as immoral. Of course Krugman completely leaves out the reason Bunning did this. The week before this vote, the Senate created a rule that said given the economy, the Senate will pass no legislation that is not paid for up front. A week later they proceeded to do just the opposite of that, and pass the extension without it being paid for. THAT is why Bunning did this. He wasn’t against the bill. He just wanted it paid for as they had promised. It’s called living up to one’s word. It’s called obeying the rules. It’s called HONESTY. You know, all those MORAL things Mr. Krugman insists we do. But Mr. Krugman doesn’t see that way because he went down the rabbit hole long ago.

In a stunning display of how far down the rabbit hole he is, he actually illustrates the difference in morality between Republicans and Democrats with the example of Bill Clinton saying, “I feel your pain.” That’s right. He is equating a man who had a 22 yr old White House intern sexually service him in the oval office and then lied to his the courts, his wife, his daughter, and the nation about it, as the one who can show us how to be “moral.”

A different universe indeed.

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He then derides Sen. Kyl for wanting the estate tax to be completely abolished. Even though only the very rich would fall under the tax. How immoral! It never occurs to Mr. Krugman that taxing ANYONE’S hard earned money TWICE is immoral. A person pays taxes on the money he earns his entire life. But Mr. Krugman wants that money to be taxed AGAIN when he dies. Right. That’s really moral.

Mr. Krugman then smugly dismisses Sen. Kyl for not believing in “textbook economics.” When in fact what Kyl is quoted as saying in Krugman’s piece is EXACTLY what Krugman himself indicated in his own textbook on economics. Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.

Mr. Krugman then dismisses a RNC fund raising plan that suggests donors to give “to save the country from trending toward socialism.” It’s mind boggling that he doesn’t see how all his previous arguments about a government that insists on government dependency and over taxing proves that point.

Mr. Krugman then smugly says that it is his party that “feels for the unemployed.” Right. They feel so much for the unemployed that he wishes for them to depend on the government on and on. Why is it then, Mr. Krugman, that conservatives give much more time, energy, blood and money to the poor than liberals? The answer is simple. We care about the poor and unemployed through ourselves. You guys only care through the government. No one is stopping you from giving as much as you wish to those in need. But you never do. Even your own rich leaders are completely selfish with their own money, while ours are not.
We do live in different universes Mr. Krugman. Ours is one of an independent spirit, moral clarity, and PERSONALLY caring for the needy. Yours is a vicious generational dependency on the government that takes a way the dignity of a person.

Which one is more moral again?

The truth is it is that both liberals and conservatives simply see being compassionate in two different ways. For Krugman to act so superior is unseemly and insulting to a large population of the United States that is conservative. I may think he is wrong, but I won’t question his sincerity as he does mine and so many others.

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