DNC GUILTY Of Installing White Noise Machines! [VIDEO]

DNC GUILTY Of Installing White Noise Machines! [VIDEO]

This is what is in store for America under a Hillary Clinton presidency. I don’t support Bernie Sanders… he’s been a commie his whole life. But the way he was done by the DNC is just shameful and despicable. When the California delegation arrived, many of their seats had been blocked and marked reserved. Why? Because that delegation overwhelmingly supported Sanders. Not only that, but above sections where the DNC knew a lot of his supporters would be seated, they installed white noise speakers to drown out their boos and protests, so it wouldn’t look so bad on national television. Talk about propaganda and manipulation. No wonder Sanders’ supporters were so ticked.

White Noise

From Young Conservatives:

Democrats may have installed white noise machines to drown out Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National convention.



Watch this…

And this isn’t the first time the Clinton Machine has done this. They did it to reporters back in April:

Reporters outside a Colorado fundraiser for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were unable to listen in on the Democratic presidential candidate’s remarks after staffers blasted a static noise machine in their direction.

Clinton, who was holding a fundraiser Thursday evening in Colorado, was speaking outside at a private residence. Just when she started to speak, according to CBS Denver’s Stan Bush, campaign staffers directed a speaker spewing out static noise at reporters hanging out across the street.

This is so 1984. Clinton and the DNC use blatant tactics to ‘control’ the masses and the media. Just imagine what she will do when she has control of the police, who she wants to nationalize. That’s a scary thought. Or, how about the military? That’s an even scarier thought. Constitution be damned… people are going to be arrested without due process and persecuted all over the place. Under a Clinton Administration that is all but assured. Your rights won’t mean squat. Not that anyone gives a crap what lies Clinton is currently spewing… this goes to prove that she will act as a tyrant, a dictator and she will use a myriad of methods to contain and control Americans. Just ask Bernie Sanders.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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