The Secret Reason Behind All Of The ‘Hillary’, ‘Hillary’ Chants…. [VIDEO]

The Secret Reason Behind All Of The ‘Hillary’, ‘Hillary’ Chants…. [VIDEO]

In addition to the white noise speakers installed to drown out Bernie Sanders’ delegates at the DNC convention, we now hear that just as Donald Trump did with seeding people into Ted Cruz’s audience to boo him, Hillary Clinton placed people throughout her audience to drown out Bernie Sanders’ protesters. Every time one of them would shout something like “Never Hillary!”, the Clintonistas went into high gear, shouting: “Hillary, Hillary!” Both parties are a sham – both are rigged and both are being manipulated. This is just shameful and possibly a trigger for civil unrest. Check it out.


From the Independent Journal:

Hillary Clinton made her big acceptance speech of the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.

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There was a nearly constant stream of applause and chants of “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” There were moments when the chants sprung up as if out of nowhere, or while Mrs. Clinton attempted to talk over them.

Many people in attendance at the DNC reported that the real reason for so many chants: drowning out the angry yelling of Bernie Sanders supporters.

It also got dicey outside the convention last night as protesters breached the perimeter fence. Hundreds, maybe thousands, rushed out of FDR Park and accosted that fence and security. They were demanding that Clinton be arrested. Only three were arrested that I know of, but not for lack of trying. The DNC presidential nomination may have seemed like a smooth and scripted occasion with plenty of applause and enthusiasm. But things are rarely what they seem, especially in politics. Both the DNC and RNC are fractured and will never be the same after all of this. And that’s a good thing, considering who controls both parties.








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