E P I C! America’s Favorite Sheriff Just BLASTED Democrats – UNLEASHES This On Black Community!

E P I C! America’s Favorite Sheriff Just BLASTED Democrats – UNLEASHES This On Black Community!

This, ladies and gents, is what a truth bomb looks like. Sheriff David Clarke let everyone know how he feels about the Democratic Party and what he thinks the black community should do to better themselves as a whole. If I were a Democrat, I’d be really scared right about now.


From Louder With Crowder:

Any time Sheriff Clarke says anything, it’s blunt (see Watch Sheriff David Clarke’s Brutal Takedown of Don Lemon. and Sheriff Clarke Blasts #BlackLivesMatter and Obama for Race-Baiting). He can order a roast beef sandwich at Arby’s and would do it in the most politically incorrect way possible. In other words, he’s a favorite of ours here at LwC.

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This open letter to America’s black community about leaving the Democrat Party is an perfect example why…

While the Republican National Convention focused on the role of law and order in restoring the American dream for all her people, the Democrats are continuing their fifty-year assault on the Black community, adding to it this season with the normalization of criminal behavior and demonization of law enforcement.

The Democrat Party’s embrace of chaos and criminality is the last step in breaking the backs of this community. From welfare to the Margaret Sanger eugenics of abortion to the breakdown of the family unit, the left has pursued policies that keep the Black community dependent, destitute, and demoralized – and fed them crumbs to assure their loyalty.

Point this out as a member of the black community, and you are immediately ex-communicated and shunned by the left, the guards of our community’s enslavement.

You really can’t add much more to that, other than to say that was the tamest part of the open letter. Because yes, it gets better. So. Much. Better. Prepare yourselves for a truth bomb:

By the time this party is through ensuring each and every poor Black man and woman raises their children on the Democrat plantation of welfare, dependency, and animosity toward their neighbor, there will be many more grieving mothers and fathers…

They will be weeping in the realization that the party that congratulates itself for representing Black America has used them all, destroying them as they seek to grow the might and power of the government and destroy the family, the church, and the American spirit of unity. Through the marginalization of Black fathers and encouragement of destruction lifestyle choices, the progressive left has cut off one of the lifelines to raising healthy, happy, children intent on bettering themselves and their community.

This man is fire! If I had nobody but him in my corner, I think I could safely say that I’d be happy. He is an amazing man.

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