Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Don’t Believe It, It’s Never Happened Before, Trump Just Hijacked The Democratic Convention…’

There has been an unspoken rule in politics around the Presidential election cycle that goes “Republicans have the RNC and the Democrats have the DNC.” This generally means that the parties are not to interfere or attempt to take the light off of their opponent’s convention. Trump, however, has never been one to play by the rules, unspoken or otherwise.

Donald Trump

From Rush Limbaugh:


RUSH:  I really don’t believe that I have ever seen what I just saw.  I’ve been thinking.  I’ve been trying to dig deep into the dark crevices of my memory, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen what I just saw.  Donald Trump just hijacked the Democrat convention after the biggest night of that convention so far.  Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, just concluded, right in time for this program to begin. (They got the memo.)

He just concluded a freewheeling, no-holds-barred, no-controls-on-the-media, “Whatever you want to ask me, ask me,” press conference the day after the supposedly biggest event yet in the Democrat National Convention. He just totally hijacked it, and he was brilliant.  He was on his game.  This was the Trump from last fall.  He was confident, he was hilarious, he was taking no BS from anyone in the media. He was challenging Hillary to do the same thing and calling her out, saying she hasn’t done a press conference in over a year.

And she can’t do what Trump did today.  Hillary Clinton intellectually, personality-wise, is not capable. She’s not capable of doing what Donald Trump did today.  I have never seen a Republican presidential nominee even get involved in the Democrat convention.  My experience is that the playbook in the professional, insider world of politics is that when one party is having its convention, the other party goes silent.

They don’t run any ads, they don’t do any press conferences, they don’t do any appearances — or very few.  It’s a courtesy.  It’s a courtesy and tradition, I guess, that’s been extended.  There have been violations, of course, here and there over the years. But, for the most part, it is a time-honored tradition that has been honored.  Now, during the Republican convention, yeah, the Democrats have daily reaction to it; that always happens.

But what Trump did today, I have never seen in my lifetime: A Republican presidential nominee go out and do a 10-minute, 30-minute, much less one-hour press conference and just refuting everything he’s heard at the Democrat convention to date. He just blew it up.  And, in addition to that, he answered questions about this email business and the hack and the Russians and so forth.

It just has the media outraged.  They can’t believe that Trump said some of the things that he said when he was commenting before he took questions on the speech by Bill Clinton last night — which we’re gonna get into, of course.  Hang in there.  Trump said — and this is classic. This is a classic demonstration that he has a performer’s ego and understands how to deploy it. He said, “I kept waiting.

“There was a chapter in that story I recall and I wanted to hear about it. I kept waiting for it and waiting for it; I never heard that chapter.”  He was waiting for the media to ask, “What chapter, Mr. Trump? What chapter?”  And he wasn’t gonna answer the question ever.  That was the point.  But he teased ’em. He titillated ’em.  “I kept waiting to hear the one chapter. The speech was actually kind of boring,” Trump said of Clinton’s speech.  “It was actually kind of boring.

“I was waiting for the one chapter that could have jazzed it up, but I didn’t hear that chapter.”  Well, everybody knows what he’s referring to.  The thing… And there were a couple of them today. We are working on rolling off the audio right now, so I’m just giving you snippets from my extensive memory, and I’m paraphrasing things that Trump said. But this one, this one… I mean, the media everywhere on both sides of the aisle is just about to have a cow over this one.

Do you think Trump should let the Democrats have their convention, or should he continue to take the spotlight off of their speeches, potentially leaving voters uninformed?

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