Enemies to Our Country in the Classroom

These “frail racist white people” better beware of La Raza “forefront of the revolution,” at least so says Mexican racist and hatemonger Ron Gochez. Ordinarily we would all just roll our eyes at yet another half-wit, violence pusher that wants to destroy the USA and everything it stands for. But Mr. Gochez is not just any prosaic left-wing hatemonger. He is a left-wing hatemonger that teaches history to American high schoolers in Los Angeles, California.

Three years ago, the racist Gochez celebrated the “revolutionary” group La Raza (which means “The Race,” itself a direct racist exclamation) in a rally in L.A. He pushed violence and the overthrow of America and advocated an international socialist system.

As Goatcheese’ comments have suddenly come to light and been spread around the Internet, the racist school teacher is trying to claim that he wasn’t talking about “all white people” but was railing against the Minutemen group that was pushing anti-illegal immigration issues three years ago. Mr. Goatcheese is simply a liar. We know this because close to the end of his harangue, hater Goatcheese says, “Our enemy is not the Minutemen… Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism!”

Despite the obvious contradiction of what he actually said then, Mr. Goatcheese tried to argue his way out of his racist remarks on Fox News. His baldfaced lies about what he was saying three years ago is pretty blatant for its outright falsity.

The worst part of all of this is, of course, that Ron Goatcheese is a teacher. He is teaching this hate, this communist skewed view of America to students in an American public school. We the taxpayers are paying this anti-American cretin to teach our children to hate our own country!

But Mr. Goatcheese is not atypical of what passes for ideology in our schools. Left-wing hatred of our country is endemic across the country in our schools from the lowest grades to the highest and this is why we will never be able to right this ship of state until we as conservatives turn our attention to our schools. Until we again direct our schools to teach truth and American exceptionalism instead of the hate for America that is de rigueur we cannot graduate informed citizens worthy of taking on the founder’s mantle.

Until conservatives undertake a concerted effort to re-take our schools from the anti-American left we will only be treading water in politics and in the arena of public opinion. After all, we are abdicating the education of our children to enemies of America, we are allowing people that hate this country, its history and all it stands for to be the teachers of our children for 18 years of their lives. Then we wonder why they vote for communist and socialist ideas when they finally come of age?

No, scumbags like Ron Goastcheese being allowed to teach our children is as much the fault of America’s conservatives as it is America’s left-wing, moonbats. After all, conservatives have turned their backs on the US system of education and allowed the enemy to fully invest themselves there.

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