The Empire State Building Committee’s Shame

From Jeffrey Scott Shapiro of

Last year, the management of the Empire State Building stunned New Yorkers when they decided to honor the 60th anniversary of the 1949 Maoist Communist Revolution by illuminating the tower in red. The decision drew the protest of dozens of human rights activists who took issue with the management’s decision to honor an oppressive totalitarian regime, and U.S. Congressman Peter King said it was a “sad day for New York.”

This year, the management has declined a request to illuminate the building in blue and white to commemorate what would have been the 100th birthday of Mother Teresa even though the U.S. Postal Service is honoring the former nun with a new postage stamp.

Shapiro decided to see why the powers that be at the Empire State building would choose to honor communism, and not a selfless soul like Mother Teresa, but he got no where. The Director of Public Relations for the Empire State building refused to call him back. Finally a PR firm hired to handle the matter did. But all this gentleman would say is that a committee decides these things. He refused to say who was on that committee. They just want the story to go away.

As they should. They should be ashamed. As Shapiro points out, have we forgotten the horror that Communism brought us? Why would we honor a country with such gross human right violations? Not the least of which is forced abortion upon it’s female citizens.

As Shapiro points out:

As I read this story online, I couldn’t help but wonder something. If the Third Reich had survived World War II, would the Empire State Building have felt “honored” to illuminate the building in red to commemorate the night Adolf Hitler burned the Reichstag to the ground and started a Nazi revolution in Germany?

Would anyone be proud of the relationship between our countries and our people then? I highly doubt it. For some reason, (and I have to imagine that reason is the indoctrination of ultra-leftism at American universities and from Hollywood), we have conveniently forgotten about the brutality and human rights violations committed by communist states. Somewhere along the line communism became heroic and even fashionable.

If that seems like a stretch, check out the T-shirts produced by popular rock band Rage Against the Machine that champion Che Guevara.

Apparently, fascist dictatorships are evil, but communist ones are acceptable, and that kind of rationale in itself is unacceptable. In reality, Communism has been responsible for the slavery and oppression of hundreds of millions of innocent people. That’s why citizens of many communist states like China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union risk their lives to escape.

Communism in all forms is evil and should never, ever be honored under any circumstances. To honor communism is to honor evil.

There is great irony and sadness here. The Empire State Building committee chooses to honor evil and refuses to honor good. They refuse to honor a woman who has taken care of the poorest of the poor, but they honor a country that oppresses and murders their poor.

Despicable. How in the world do we as a people stand for this?

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