Here We Go With The “Oh, No, Immigrants Might Clam Up About Crimes” Meme (Again)

Of all the arguments the supporters of illegal immigrants, also know as “criminals”, can come up with, this is the most hysterical and idiotic. At least with the calls of racism and bigotry, the left is just being their typical moonbat selves. This one asks the police to not do their jobs, and some police follow along: Immigrant checks could hush witnesses, Montgomery police chief says

Outside a Wheaton nightclub last month, police say, a middle-aged Hispanic man watched a driver ram his Toyota Camry into the side of a Honda Accord, get out, stab one of the Accord passengers nearly to death, get back into his Camry and leave. The witness wrote down the Camry’s license plate number, waited for police and passed along the information.

What does that have to do with the nationwide debate over Arizona’s tough new immigration law? More than you might think.

The help provided by the witness, said Montgomery County’s police chief, is just the kind of cooperation that could vanish if local police officers start aggressively enforcing immigration laws. And Chief J. Thomas Manger is emerging as a national voice in the debate over immigration laws and policing.

“I understand why a lot of folks in Arizona thought this was the solution,” said Manger, who is scheduled to speak at a news conference Monday as the representative of the Major Cities Chiefs Association. “But I just know from a police chief’s perspective, there can easily be as many negative consequences.”

What they are truly worried about is seeing people who are here illegally clamming up and not reporting crimes because of a supposed fear that the cops might drag them in and question them, find out they’re illegals, and deport their criminal butts. And, somehow, this is supposed to transfer the same attitude over to those here legally. You know what would help in stopping that type of attitude? The media not lying

Under the Arizona law, scheduled to take effect in July, police officers would have to ask about the status of people they come into contact with whom they suspect could be in the country illegally. At least 10 other states are considering similar measures, according to the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative, a group opposed to the new law.

That is false. Only when someone is stopped for an offense, and then the officer has reason to think the person or persons may be illegal, can an immigration check be made. Heck, it mirrors federal law.

It is simply amazing that a law enforcement officer wants to not enforce the law. Do they do the same with other criminal elements?

Still and all, the best idea to cut the number of illegals is to make the penalties on companies that hire them so harsh that only a tiny percent would take the chance.

Anyhow, read to the end of the Washington Post article for the rest of the “oh, noes! we might lose cooperation from Hispanics” hysteria. Perhaps, instead of coddling illegals, we got them out of the country, you know, enforcing the law, this “concern” would go away.

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