Why Michelle Obama’s Fat Report Isn’t Reported

Howard Kurtz wonders why the media isn’t covering Michelle Obama’s fat report when the media love Michelle Obama.

It’s because the media loves her that they’re staying quiet. Why?

First, it reinforces the whole image of a nanny government poking into every aspect of every person’s life. The media knows how this sort of thing plays. They don’t want Michelle to be viewed like Chief-Scold-In-Charge (which she is) so they remain mute.

Second, the media knows that the America likes a quiet, unassuming First Lady. Michelle Obama is neither, but they like her so much and want America to like her. The solution is to focus on her pretty outfits, not whatever idea is rattling around her head.

Third, the media are superficial and lazy. The report was 124 pages. Asking them to read it and think…come on Howard.

The media knows what people think of Michelle Obama when they hear her talk. They don’t like her. The media, then, will minimize damaging reporting. They just won’t give her voice air. It would be a net negative.

The administration should be happy that the media is so devoted to their image. If they actually reported on what they were up to, Michelle Obama wouldn’t be the only image casualty.

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