Enraged Liberal Tries to Hijack Trump Event… Watch Him Get a NASTY Surprise!

Enraged Liberal Tries to Hijack Trump Event… Watch Him Get a NASTY Surprise!

Give me a freaking break! Freaks, Marxists, Islamists and radicals all gathered in the Big Apple to protest a fund-raising luncheon for Donald Trump last week. You’ve got Islamists and self-loathing Jews protesting him vigorously in New York. Four tried to sneak in a side entrance at a $1,000 a plate luncheon for Trump. One claims he was thrown down the stairs, but wasn’t hurt. If security had actually thrown the guy down the stairs, trust me… he would have been hurt. Another claimed to have been thrown to the floor in the lobby. If that happened, the person probably asked for what he got. These people are violent, hateful trolls who just can’t stand that Trump wants to close our borders and stop terrorists from coming into the country. One of them even paid $1,000 to attend the luncheon and then was removed for disrupting it. Two reporters from the AP got forcibly removed as well. Serves all of them right. I can’t believe the nerve of these people.

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From the Daily Mail:

About a dozen protesters disrupted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s speech at a $1,000-a-plate New York City luncheon Friday, criticizing the billionaire businessman’s recent anti-Islam rhetoric as security staff forcibly ejected some of them from the event.

Four protesters chanting ‘Trump is trying to bring us down, targeting people black and brown,’ tried to storm a side entrance into the speech at Manhattan’s The Plaza Hotel as security staff pushed them away.

The protesters were affiliated with various Arab-American and Muslim-American groups, as well as groups for racial equality.

One of those protesters, Jorge Gonzalez, fell down a flight of stairs after a hotel security worker pushed him. He said he was uninjured. Another was thrown to the ground in the hotel lobby.

Two reporters from The Associated Press, Jake Pearson and Warren Levinson, were also forcibly removed from the lobby by hotel security. The event, sponsored by the Commonwealth Club, a Pennsylvania Republican group, was closed to the press.

Some of the protesters were from Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. Yeah, more social justice Marxist warriors there. These people are scared that someone will actually follow constitutional law and make America great again. What they call hate is love of country. What they call bigotry is actually national security implemented. I don’t feel sorry for this scum at all. You’ve got people there from the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. Trump is like holy water to those vampires. By the way, if you think $1,000 a plate is high, you should see Obama’s and Hillary’s luncheons. Some of them go for between $10,000 and $25,000 a plate to attend and listen to communist drivel. Trump is right when he promotes putting a moratorium on all immigration until we can fully vet who is coming in and track them. #DealWithIt.


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