Kerry Claims Climate Deal Will Transform Economy

He thinks that this non-binding, voluntary agreement which has no force of law, which will never be submitted by Mr. Obama to the US Congress, and will be ignored by nations like China and India, among others, will Do Something magical

(USA Today) Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday the historic Paris accord aimed at reducing greenhouse gases to slow global warming will transform world economies by encouraging corporations to invest trillions of dollars on clean energy over the next three to four decades.

It “sends a very powerful message to the global marketplace,” Kerry said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “There are jobs to be created, money to be made.”

It does send a very powerful message. It says “these people are economic fools. If this green power thing was working so well, companies would be charging ahead and making money, rather than going bust even with government subsidies.

“The result will be a very clear signal to the marketplace of the world that people are moving into low-carbon, no-carbon, alternative, renewable energy, and I think it’s going to create millions of jobs, enormous investments into R&D, and that R&D is going to create the solutions — not government,” Kerry said on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos.

In order to create the economy would required eliminating 96% of the CO2 emissions starting now

As we explain in a analysis, there is a strong positive relationship between GDP and carbon-based energy consumption. Slashing fossil energy use that far would thus require decimating economic growth, job creation and preservation, and average per-person incomes. In fact, average world per capita GDP would plummet from a projected $30,600 in 2050 to a miserable $1,200 per year.

Average per capita GDP in 2050 would be less than what Americans had in 1830! Many futuristic technologies would still exist, but only wealthy families and ruling elites could afford them.

That would be catastrophic for jobs, health and welfare in developed countries – and lethal to millions in poor nations, who would be denied the blessings of electricity and fossil fuels for decades to come. That is indefensible, inhumane and immoral. And for what?

The use of carbon based energy supports $70 trillion in global GDP. Yes, it will eventually be replaced with some sort of clean tech. There will eventually be breakthroughs. When will they come? That’s the question. But, it’s nice being lectured by a guy who uses vast amounts of fossil fuels about the need for a low-carbon no-carbon economy, and has failed to notice that the push for “green” energy over the course of this century has created poor economic situations. Well, except for the wood industry, which is making lots of money selling wood pellets to people in Europe who need an inexpensive form of heating, thanks to foolish “green” policies.

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