ESPN Employee Admits Painful Secret: “I Pretend I’m A Democrat So I Can Keep My Job Here”

ESPN Employee Admits Painful Secret: “I Pretend I’m A Democrat So I Can Keep My Job Here”

ESPN just keeps digging a hole for themselves and one employee who spoke on condition of anonymity is confirming what’s obvious to outsiders: That anyone who isn’t a full-blooded Democrat will be removed.

The prominent employee spoke about the restrictions of belief at the network, saying:

“If I’d said Obama got elected because he was black is there any way I’d still be employed here? No chance. But Jemele [Hill] can say Trump got elected because of white racists and no one does anything?”

He went on to say that ESPN protects people that they agree with politically, giving them better jobs with more money.

“I pretend I’m a Democrat so I can keep my job here. And there are others just like me.”

He describes a “secret society” of right-wingers who pretend to be left-wing kooks in order to maintain their jobs. Sounds like an awful place to work.

Last week we wrote that Trump himself was attacking ESPN and their failing ratings after one of ESPN’s hosts called Trump a white supremacist.

Here’s what Jemele Hill wrote:

And here’s how Trump responded a few days later, without going down to their level to start screaming accusations of racism.

In the middle of that hubbub, the President of ESPN had to put out a memo to their staff saying that they were not a political organization. President John Skipper said that ESPN is about sports, highlight reels, scores and in-depth analysis of plays. But their recent history doesn’t line up with that belief.

A few weeks before that memo, ESPN pulled one of their announcers from calling a Virginia football game because his name, Robert Lee, was going to trigger too many people because of the similarity to Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general whose statues are under attack. Never mind that Robert Lee of ESPN is Asian and has nothing to do with a long-dead General, he still got swept away for simply having the wrong name.

So far, ESPN has lost ten million of their subscribers through the attrition of people getting rid of cable altogether. Gee, I wonder why people would get rid of their cable? Is it because the amount of garbage is piling up and you can’t even watch sports without getting an earful about politics?

I swear, the only thing propping up cable as an institution is that so many right-wingers keep it around just so they can watch Fox. The whole thing would come crashing down right now if Fox moved entirely to an online platform. Some day, hopefully soon, they’ll do just that and it’ll kill off ESPN (and CNN) for good.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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