Famous Hillary Clinton Supporter: We Must ‘Get Behind’ ‘Our President’ Trump – ‘The Public Has Spoken’ [VIDEO]

Famous Hillary Clinton Supporter: We Must ‘Get Behind’ ‘Our President’ Trump – ‘The Public Has Spoken’ [VIDEO]

Michael Bloomberg stunned the hosts of ‘The View’ when they invited him on their stage with open arms and adoring compliments…after he told them what he came to say. They were not prepared for such a moment. Not by a long shot, BUT Bloomberg did carry on with them and re-built the bridge before the end of the interview, by throwing in some hits at Trump after telling them it’s time to get behind the President. Of course…

Bloomberg stated that he did not vote for Trump, but now that the people have spoken and the people have voted Trump into the White House, he does not want Democrats to be obstructionists in an aim to politically destroy Trump. His reasons…are actually based on common sense. Why would we wish failure upon ANY president of the United States? That is plain stupid and he was quick to point that out.

Of course it still went well above the heads of these ladies, but interesting still the same to watch their reaction.

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Bloomberg said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made a mistake when he said “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

He said the difference between other countries and America is that “in other countries, they try to tear down the government. They try to have a revolution.”

“You can protest. You can elect other officials. You can write letters. You make phone calls. You can carry signs. You can do all that,” Bloomberg said. “But in the end, we’re a democracy. The public has spoken—whether you like the results or not.”

Bloomberg added that, “You have to make it work. We have an election. Whoever wins, you got to get behind, and you can run against someone else.” He also joked that Trump got elected with “a little help from the Russians.”

These ladies were on a mission to showcase a ‘Trump’ hating side to Bloomberg and stated that back in 2016 during the Democratic National Convention in a prime time speech, Bloomberg endorsed Hillary Clinton, on the basis that he was doing so because he thought Trump was a “dangerous demagogue,” but he denied to their faces right there on their own show that he did in fact NOT say those things about Trump when he endorsed Hillary.

So, they were shot down once more in their attempt make yet another one of their episodes about trashing Trump.

Although truth be told, Bloomberg has made is clear in the past that he did not want Trump leading this country because he would wreck it, but now that he is President…the man is trying to be an American about it.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg said that Trump is “our president and we need the country to be run well.” But he did add, “I didn’t vote for him.”

“Let’s just all hope that Donald Trump is a good president of the United States,” he said.

Bloomberg, who said that Trump has a 55% chance to be re-elected, spent much of the interview trying to appeal to everyone with various uninspiring platitudes as he is accustomed to doing. And when co-host Jedediah Bila asked him if he was thinking about running for president, he said the only “presidency I’m thinking about is my block association.” Commenting on Republican Karen Handel’s victory Tuesday night in Georgia’s sixth congressional district over Democrat Jon Ossoff, Bloomberg, without any sense of irony, said that the election showed that “all the money in the world can’t buy an election” because “the public is a lot smarter than people give them credit for.”

Here watch the interview…it’s entertaining.

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