Saturday Night Live ROASTS Liberals… Legendary

Saturday Night Live ROASTS Liberals… Legendary

WATCH how Saturday Night Live writers turn the tables on the ridiculous behavior of liberals… I can’t stop laughing!

A couple months ago the writers from S.N.L. thought they were clever when they released a mock movie trailer insinuating that there were no Republicans who could stand up against President Trump. Personally, I have seen many Republicans without guts to stand with Trump. The trailer as reported by The Hill made many people angry and perhaps to appear fair and balanced S.N.L. decided to release a liberal roast skit making liberals look like idiots.

“Saturday Night Live” used a mock action movie trailer during its latest show to ask which Republican will step forward and speak out against President Trump.

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“It was a country in chaos,” the narrator says over news clips of White House protests, bomb threats at Jewish community centers and the immigration debate. “A nation divided.”

“Led by a president with unchecked power … until one Republican decided enough was enough,” the narrator adds. “A patriot who put country over party, who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values. A man by the name of … TBD.”

“The A.V. Club calls it a touching tribute to whoever it ends up being about,” reads a mock review.
“And Rolling Stone says it’s definitely not about Paul Ryan,” the trailer adds in a reference to the Speaker.

The trailer is hard to follow and just really dumb commentary. I guess you have to be a Liberal to think stupid uncreative junk is funny. You can watch the mock trailer in the video player below:

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