Feminists Rejoice At Idea of Abortion For Convenience

Feminists Rejoice At Idea of Abortion For Convenience

Feminists rejoice at the idea of abortion for convenience. They are also anti-woman. Most of us realize that the whole “safe, legal and rare” thing that pro-abortion advocates spout is lip service only. But, if you ever had any doubt, this should set that doubt aside once and for all.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News points out an example of liberals/leftists and feminists fully admitting that they think abortion for convenience sake is perfectly acceptable, based on their response to a very mild ad campaign:

When conservatives point out that liberals believe in killing children for convenience sake, what do liberals usually say? Typically, it’s some variation of, “Why, nobody wants more abortions. We just believe that abortions should be safe, legal, and rare!” Of course, then they follow that up by trying to make sure that as many children are aborted as humanly possible.

For example, take a look at this anti-abortion ad from Abortion Changes You:

A very mild ad, indeed. And an accurate one; abortion does change you. While feminists sneer at the idea of post-abortion syndrome, it does exist. And if they actually cared about women, they’d admit that fact and would stop encouraging women to have abortions without disclosing the trauma that can occur to the woman.

It’s clear that they don’t care about the dead babies, but they also need to stop insisting that they are For Women â„¢ , when they most obviously are not. You see, feminists, an unborn baby is not just a clump of cells. Many women who abort their babies, therefore, suffer intense pain and immense guilt. Their entire lives.

They may just be nutty wing nuts to you, but they are real people with true feelings. Because you do nothing but sneer at those feelings, in fact lie about their very existence, your For The Women card is hereby pulled. You are more concerned with one Supreme Court case, that you constantly use as a wedge and a pawn, than you are with: actual women.

Which brings us to Jessica Valenti at Feministing, that hot bed of predictable feminist shrieking. The above ad infuriated her and her fellow pro-abortion travelers. In fact, one of them was so enraged, they saw fit to deface the ad:

Want to go to college, but there is a pesky baby growing inside of you? Abort! A life is far less important than your co-ed fun and career plans, right? Your dreams are all that matters, baby be damned. Can’t let that get in the way! Follow President Obama’s thinking and don’t let yourself be “punished with a baby!”

Jessica Valenti called the abortionchangesyou.com ad “heinous.” Do you know what she said about the defaced ad promoting abortion for convenience? She called the vandal a “pro-choice hero” and then said:

Love. It.

Loves encouraging abortion for convenience. Loves encouraging abortion because a baby, a human life, doesn’t fit in with your super fun college plans.:  Denies the trauma that abortion may cause to the woman, but rejoices at the thought of killing a baby who isn’t timely.

But you want it to be safe, legal and rare? Baloney.:  Willy nilly matters of convenience are not part of that definition. You have devalued life to the point where *convenience* over-rides a life itself, in your minds.

That is heinous.

(Originally posted at NewsReal and cross-posted at RedState and snark and boobs)

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