Obama’s Soccer Saga: The Final Word

What a difference a day makes.:  While the Left: scrambles: to find: soccer schedules for: spring extra-curricular leagues, questions still remain and continue to multiply.: : What we do know is that there was no: Sidwell Friends: soccer: game on Saturday.:  And yes, I know there are other leagues, I’m a mom.

So let’s look to other leagues.:  The premier Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS) soccer league did not have any scheduled games on Saturday at Fort Reno Park.: : The WAGS league (girls 12 and under): only game at 9:30AM: was at: : Benfield: in Severna Park, MD.: : There was, however,: the Stoddert Soccer League, which did have one game on Saturday morning at Fort Reno.:  But, before everyone says, “Well, there you go, it was that game,” you should know that the Obamas appear not to be members of this league.:  So how would she be playing in a Stoddert: game?:  We also don’t know which daughter, so we don’t know the age of the team–was it 12 and under or a different age group, say 10 and under?

In addition, the:  AP reports:

Reporters and photographers didn’t have a chance to see him or his vehicle to verify his presence at any location.

And there it is.:  We still don’t know.:  No photos, the press pool turned around when told to (why, I’ll never understand), only statements from: the WH, and a possible eyewitness as Tweetedby Mark Knoller.

I appreciate Knoller: (who I greatly respect) writing on the subject, the President’s behavior is curious.:  It may be a case of poor judgment, but at what cost.:  I don’t consider asking additional questions and further investigating this protocol breach: because, well, he’s the President.:  Can you imagine if Bush did this?:  The Left and Code Pink would have thought he gave the nuclear codes away.:  Seriously.

As far as conspiracy theories, sometimes Obama does fan the flames himself and could easily put so many questions to rest if he would not pull stunts like this and maybe, just maybe unseal his personal records.: [Lefties head explode with birfer! Ah, but not so, just stating the facts here]: People must admit,: the MSM: did not do: such a hot job of vetting their Messiah, and this is just another example of the media pass.: : Did I miss the memo, is vetting a candidate racist?:  The American public is already completely sensitized by Obama’s policies–I said policies–and this just further: heightens the mood.

While Media Matters tries to negate my points, I stated that Sidwell Friends did not have any games at Fort Reno–which is correct. I also posted links to crimes committed within one to two weeks in the same area. The area may be safe; however, the crimes I cite were reported in the police report.:  So, are the police lying?:  The rest of their article is: fluff and swipes.:  Soooo 2008.

I do love how the Left tries to minimize anything Obama does–I know that’s their job–so it’s expected. But really, we still have no proof he attended the game. And that is a fact.: :  While those on the Left dismiss people’s concerns as stupid or crazy, many beg to differ.:  What makes this a larger problem is that, as I mentioned, the President of Poland was killed just hours before, almost 50 heads of state were in DC for the nuclear summit, and we are not even sure Obama had Secret Service with him.: 

With all of supposed threats from the Right that the MSM reports daily, why would Obama choose to be so random in his actions.: : Why didn’t: he stay at the White House for updates on the Poland loss?:  Did he need a warm fuzzy to be near his daughter?:  And that would be fine–just take the press pool and tell them to be hidden.: : But, everything is planned: and staged all to: show he’s just a regular guy. He’s definitely not camera shy–not even when getting ice cream or a burger.:  What was different?

Those questions about Obama’s whereabouts will persist and the Left is trying desperately to ridicule anyone, enter Alinsky Rule 5,: who dares question Teh One.:  It is interesting that they are taking what Robert Gibbs says as gospel and cease to ask any further questions–typical lapdog media.:  And so, it is done.:  Even without: a simple picture of Obama–especially when there are so many with cameras, iPhones, and Blackberries.

Finally, I understand that this can be interpreted as a trivial matter, but it is rather a testament of no matter how trivial or monumental the event or issue at hand from a soccer game, policy specifics, political associations, and/or: ideology, the reflexive nature of the MSM to protect this President at all costs is revealing.:  I mean really, it’s just a soccer game.

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