For Crying Out Loud: Taxpayers Forced To Pay for Union Workers’ Coffee

It is absolutely impossible any more to come up with parody about how much government unions are ripping off the taxpayer. Witness the fact that a city in Connecticut is being forced to pay for the coffee and related refreshment supplies of its government union members.

Todd Starnes of Fox News reports that the town of Orange, Connecticut has been told by the State Board of Labor Relations that it must provide “free” coffee and milk to the members of the United Public Service Employees Union.

The union ripoff artists got upset when town administration eliminated the free refreshments in order to save money in the budget. Instead of seeing it as a logical belt-tightening measure, the union decided they were being persecuted and took their case to the Democrat heavy State Labor Relations Board which dutifully ruled in their patrons, the union’s, favor.

Of the expense for the “free” coffee, Wayne Gilbert, the regional director and chief spendthrift of the UPSE, scoffed that “It’s like a couple of bucks a week.”

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Says I, if it’s only “a couple of bucks a week” then perhaps these union elitists can pay for it themselves like every other American has to do? After all, it is not “free coffee and milk.” It is taxpayer money being wasted on something that should easily be cut to save tax money. Is it a ton of savings? Of course not, but ANY savings is good savings.

But here is the thing, these arrogant union thugs have developed a disgusting sense of entitlement. They think that merely by right of having been given a job by one of their politically connected family members or friends that we taxpayers should bow and scrape to them and give them all sorts of “free” stuff.

This is why I object to the term “public employees” because they areNOT serving the public. We, the public, are serving these government unionists.

Granted in the old days, this was standard operating procedure. These unionistas gave campaign money to politicians and politicians gave away free tax money to the government union members that lined politician’s pockets with cash. But that was when governments felt they were flush with cash. No more. Governments are essentially bankrupted by these constant union paybacks, giveaways, and favors and it’s high time this unsustainable outrage stopped.

Sadly, these government union member’s finely developed sense of gimme-gimme makes of these thieves the kind of drag on our budgets that is killing us and taking away from essential services. But even that aside, why are these government union members so arrogant as to think that we the people should be supplying them with “free” snacks and refreshments? Who do these creeps think they are, anyway? Who gives “free” snacks to we work-a-day citizens? Heck, most of us are lucky to get healthcare coverage much less “free” daily snacks!

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