Sigh: UNC Goes Green For Graduation Gowns

There’s a reason I’m bringing this story up

Fashion designer Alexander Julian has clearly had enough of the University of North Carolina’s aqua graduation gowns, he’s gone and given his alma mater’s regalia a “true Carolina Blue” makeover and used recycled materials in the process, too, according to UNC, via Ecouterre.

Pointing out that regalia is worn only once, UNC stated in their news release, that the timing was right for their gowns to be made with recycled materials. Julian worked with Oak Hall Cap & Gown, who supplied a fabric made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, to create the “first designer regalia in the country,” but the process wasn’t without trial and error.

Oh, Lord, here we go again with all the silly…..wait a moment, I actually think this is a good idea (except for the fact that the gowns will only be worn once. They need to find a way to recycle the recycled gowns for future usage). Sit back for a moment and think about the excerpt: was your first thought like mine, namely that it is yet another in a long line of hysterical enviro-weenie/climate moron stories? This is the problem with the extremists in the environmental movement, and the globull warming movement as a whole: they create a situation with their alarmism that causes people to tune out and even deride good ideas. And that is a shame.

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There is nothing wrong with conserving the environment, saving wildlands and wildlife. I don’t watch Whale Wars, but, I root for the folks trying to stop the whaling. I agree with the proposed legislation to ban the sale and possession of shark fins in California. I despise much of the long line netting, which scoops up dolphins and creates an over-fishing situation. Things like jet-skis annoy me, due to all the fuel that ends up in the water. Clear cutting ticks me off. There is nothing wrong with planting trees and bushes. We do need to ween ourselves from energy sources such as oil and coal, which do create pollution (though I am not referring to CO2), as much as possible. Hybrids, electric, and hydrogen vehicles are a good idea (just unrealized and way to freaking expensive). We do need to look at more alternative/renewable energy supply methods, from solar to wind to water, and, yes, nuclear. We do need to reduce where we can, and recycle, and look towards solving many of the landfill issues (which, yes, does included reducing methane, which is a serious and real greenhouse gas threat). Protect the manatees. Protect the rainforests. Conserve. Preserve. Keep the air, water, and land as clean as we can.

Many people are certainly rolling their eyes after reading that almost-rant. Why? Because of the aforementioned enviro-weenies and climate alarmists, who tend to go so far over-board that they turn the average person off to what are real world issues and concerns. Their over-the-top rhetoric actually harms their interests, which, at least along the lines of protecting/conserving the environment, I’d guess that most of us feel the same way.

I mean, look at the face. Don’t you just want to hug him and take him home, name him Ranger and put a bandanna around his neck? Big time chick magnet, eh? The Red Panda is endangered. Don’t you want to save it? It’s population is decreasing due mostly to deforestation, not because it is too stupid to bread, like the Giant Panda. True, I have little sympathy for the Giant Panda. While cute and fuzzy, any animal that has to be shown how to mate is Darwinism in action.

So, just a hint to the enviro-weenies and climate morons: stop with the insane and over-bearing discourse and actions: you’re actually doing more harm to what you want to accomplish. Interestingly, I would say that most people would like more cleaner, cheaper, and readily available energy. We’d like a “smarter” electrical grid that doesn’t lose up to a third of its electricity in transit (note: the usual losses are well below that number which is thrown around, but, energy is lost). We’d like to not have to be at the whim of nations which support Islamic terrorism and/or run by unhinged dictators. We’d like to not see the rainbow effect in a puddle of water from oil. Obviously, not everyone feels this way. But, again, I’d hazard to guess that most do. If the enviro-weenies and climate morons would ratchet down the lunacy, perhaps more people would buy in. They don’t have to buy in for the reasons the weenies and morons are pushing. They can buy in for other reasons. We mostly want to get to the same ends for different reasons. There is opportunity to make it happen. Just stop being nuts, weenies and morons.

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