GOP Leaders Respond to Arizona Crime

Over the weekend many of the leaders in the Republican Party responded to this criminal action perpetrated against a fellow member of Congress on Saturday. It is important that their words be heard because of the din of the Old Media and the Democrats is so loud as to have drowned out the sorrow that the GOP leaders exhibited over this incident.

For instance, from his home base in Shelbyville, Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had these words to say about the crime in Arizona:

“We are all still shaken by the shooting that took place in Tucson on Saturday, and we are thinking especially today about the six people whose lives were taken so senselessly. So I would again like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to all the families of those who died.

“Congresswoman Giffords is in critical condition but doctors are optimistic. Many others are out of critical condition and are recovering. I hope everyone will join me in praying for their recovery.

“At 11:00 today, we’ll all join the President and our fellow Americans across the country in a moment of silence. This is a devastating personal tragedy for those who were directly involved, but it is also a national tragedy.

“When an elected representative is gunned down in the very act of exchanging ideas with his or her constituents, Democracy itself is attacked. And all Americans are united in condemning this unspeakable act of violence.

“Even as we mourn for the dead and injured, we are inspired by the many acts of service we saw in the moments after the shooting.

“From those who spotted and tackled the gunman, to the first-responders who arrived at the scene so quickly, to the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who have worked so hard to treat the injured and to prevent further loss of life. It’s one of the great truths about America that in terrible moments like this, generous men and women never fail to emerge and inspire.

“The Speaker of the House has directed that the flags at the Capitol be flown at half staff. And the President ordered flags at half staff at federal buildings and military installations around the world. The legislative calendar will also be revised, ensuring that our response to this attack is thoughtful and deliberate. As part of that, we will of course, thoroughly review the safety precautions that members of Congress take and consider what, if anything, needs to change.

“I’ve spoken with the Capitol Police and the Director of the FBI. I appreciate all they are doing in this effort.

“We don’t have all the facts yet, but we do know this: violence has no place in the Democratic process, and this heinous crime will not deter any of us from carrying out our duties. A strong democracy depends on a free and robust exchange of ideas. The actions of one deranged man this past weekend will not hinder that.”

The newly minted Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner (Ohio), also had a statement on this regrettable incident.

“Good morning. The thoughts and prayers of the House and the nation are with Congresswoman Giffords and her family. We’re also praying for the families of Judge Roll and all of those who were taken from us yesterday so senselessly. Among the fallen is Gabe Zimmerman, a member of Congresswoman Giffords’ staff, and I’ve directed that the flags on the House side of the Capitol be flown at half mast in honor of Gabe’s death in the line of duty.

“An attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve. Such acts of violence have no place in our society. I want to commend the federal, state and local officials, as well as the Capitol Police, for all of their efforts. And I’ve told the FBI Director that the House stands ready to assist in any way possible.

“Last night, the Majority Leader announced that the normal business of the House in the coming week has been postponed so that we can take necessary action regarding yesterday’s events. The Majority Leader will announce a revised schedule.

“To the members of the House and their staffs, I ask that you on this Sabbath day that we keep Gabby and her staff in our thoughts and prayers. Public service is a high honor, but these tragic events remind us that all of us in our roles in service to our fellow citizens comes with a risk. This inhuman act should not and will not deter us from our calling to represent our constituents and to fulfill our oaths of office. No act, no matter how heinous, must be allowed to stop us from our duty.”

Republican Senator Jon Kyl (Arizona) appeared on the CBS program Face The Nation and discussed the crime that occurred in his home state.

For all the Old Media’s illegitimate efforts to make this crime the fault of the “violent rhetoric” coming from the right, it is important to see what “the right” is really saying.

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