Stop The Blame Game (Updated)

Sadly the blame rhetoric is continuing today from the left. It’s ironic that as they decry toxic rhetoric, they are contributing to. It is this kind of talk that divides us and promotes hatred. All morning I watched on the news as various Democrat politicians sought to blame conservatives for the shootings yesterday.

Here is a post at the Democratic Underground that pretty much sums up what is going on here:

Shooters dad is 58 year old Randy Loughner from Tucson, AZ

Could this be who accompanied him to the meetings?

We’ve searched like crazy for the shooter – Jared – but let’s see if we can some up with any FR or tea party stuff about his dad Randy Loughner. I’ll be searching as well and let you know if I come up with anything.

You can see that the left so desperately wants to connect this killer with the Tea Party that they can hardly stand it. Could it be anymore shameful?

I am glad that most everyday Democrats are not like this. But if you are a Democrat you need to rid your party of this kind of hate.

Update: *I realize that both sides have their crazies and hateful things are said on both sides, but the media and the left seems to be trying to promote the false narrative that it is mostly the right that uses violent rhetoric. Michelle Malkin proves without a shadow of a doubt that the left is just as guilty in this hateful rhetoric. I hope you have a while. The examples are long and plentiful. I do reject all calls to violence, on both sides. But let’s not compare target maps and war analogy to actual hate. We diminish real hate when we do that.

Here is a bit of wisdom from ABC News’ Amy Walter:

As someone who covers Washington and campaigns I’m usually looking for the opportunity to link any and all events back to politics. In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, however, I think we need to focus less on the political and more on the cultural.

We can’t blame heated political rhetoric for this senseless tragedy anymore than we can blame violent video games, movies and TV shows. American culture not only condones violence, but often celebrates it as well.

he blame game isn’t going to get us anywhere. And, at the risk of falling back into my political habit, it’s also exactly what voters have said that they are sick and tired of too.

Very good.

There is this that we can all agree on. The continued prayers for Gabrielle Giffords and the families of the other victims of the shooting. Let’s stop the poltical rhetoric and blame game and focus on that.

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