Here’s a First: Mugshot Giving Rick Perry a Boost!

Usually when a politician finds his mugshot in the newspaper or on TV it signals about the end of his political career. But in a first for politicians everywhere, it is starting to look like Rick Perry’s mugshot is actually a net positive for the Texas Governor’s reputation!

A partisan Democrat prosecutor in Austin (the biggest Democrat stronghold in the state), who has used his office as a political weapon before, indicted Perry for “corruption” earlier this month. Instead of showing up looking guilty, though, when Perry came in for his mugshot photo he was well dressed and smiling.

Amusingly, his mugshot looks more like a glamour shot! And this is fitting considering the false charges he being hit with there.

Perry put his mugshot photo on a T-Shirt and is using it for fund raising! And I have to say, the shirt is pretty funny.

This has to be the best political damage control effort ever.

By the way, if you haven’t followed the story of why Perry was arrested in the first place, the answer is in the photo of the disheveled, half mental looking, wacko chick on the back of the shirt.

She is Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg who was arrested for drunk driving. She also got very abusive with police and became violent during her own arrest. Her conduct was so egregious Perry tried to force her to resign. He said if she refused he’d use his veto powers and veto the funds for her office.

Being a Democrat, of course, she refused to resign imagining that drunk driving and abusing police is no problem at all.For Democrats such lawlessness is a resume enhancer, after all.

So, Perry canceled the funds for her office just like he promised he would. This is where the partisan Democrat Austin County prosecutor came in charging Perry with “political corruption.”

So, that is where it all stemmed from. But where ever it came from, Perry has been masterful in how he’s handled this.

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