Pentagon Official: Obama’s Leak of Failed Effort to Save James Foley Damages Future Ops

After the west became aware that journalist James Foley, an American citizen, was murdered by Islamist terrorist ISIS forces in Iraq, Obama limply came out and said that the pentagon launched a “successful” raid to rescue Foley. Well, “successful” except for the fact that Foley never got rescued. But now a Pentagon official is criticizing Obama for releasing the details of the failed raid saying that it could hurt future operations.

A Pentagon official writing under a pen name to protect his identity told the Daily Caller that Obama has just endangered other ops.

On Wednesday, the White House leaked a classified special forces operation to rescue American hostages in Syria. The reason: political cover. The cost: so far, unknown.

But this much, we know: The politicized leak of this operation cut through the fog of war to let our enemies know exactly what happened that day in the desert, and because of that, future attempts to free American hostages will be more difficult to plan, farther between, and more dangerous to carry out.

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Of course, one struggles to find any example of Obama caring much about our troops, so…

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