Here’s a Leftist Spin on Healthcare For You

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said that Obamacare is a ”momentous step toward comprehensive health care.” Implicit in that statement is that Obamacare isn’t finished and the left fully intends to up the ante even more as time goes on. But that isn’t the spin I announced in my headline. Here is something from the AFL-CIONowBlog written by one Mike Hall. Try this on for spin…

The bill survived a $100 million lie-and-distortion campaign by Big Insurance to kill it–the same kind of tactics these groups have aimed at health care proposals for six decades.

That is some wonderful spin, isn’t it? The bill “survived” a distortion campaign designed to “kill it,” says Hall. But he’s spinning one hundred miles an hour with his claim. The truth is that the bill did not survive that campaign.

The bill was unpopular with a majority of Americans throughout the process and a strongly Democratic Senate seat in blue, blue Massachusetts flipped to the Republicans because the legislation was so unpopular. Millions of Americans were so outraged by Obamacare that they got up from their couches and held anti-Obamacare rallies from coast to coast. This sort of uprising over taxes and government hasn’t been seen in many decades in this country. In fact, the last time may have been the original tax protests against the British!

The only reason Obamacare made it into law is that it “survived” our democratic process, the process that should have killed it. If our representatives had actually been serving we the people, this bill would have been tabled at the very least.

Yet here is the AFL-CIO spinning this legislative triumph as a win over special interests when it is really a defeat of the voters as well as an obviation of our very political process.

Hall wasn’t the only one spinning, though, as Trumka himself proved he was up for some spinning of his own. In the same AFL-CIO post we see him trying his hand at the venerable art.

Trumka says the bill is not “a baby step or half measure,” but a solid step forward to set our country on a path to health care that actually works for working families.

That might sound good at first but on closer examination it doesn’t even stand up to logic. If something is not a “baby step or a half measure” then it is the full measure, a finished journey. Yet Trumka follows that by saying that it’s only a “step forward” to set us on a path to healthcare. Trumka obviously feels the journey is just beginning here, so Obamacare as it is now by necessity proves to be a “baby step” on that new path.

And therein lies the prevarication from the left on this whole legislative journey because this entire process was built on spin. Even weeks after passage Obama is running about the country telling us that this is no take over of healthcare and that he doesn’t want an eventual socialist healthcare system, but all his supporters and those that voted for the legislation are saying just the opposite.

Before the vote we were told it was all about saving lives. After the vote we began to see the admissions by members of Congress that this was but a redistribution of wealth and was meant for reasons other than to help American’s health.

Not long after the vote, for instance, on the floor of the Senate, Max Baucus told us that this bill was “an income shift” to address the “maldistribution of income.” On March 24 on MSNBC Democrat leader Dick Durbin said that the tax hikes in the bill was “the cost of having the kind of America we want to have.” Vice President Joe Biden even told ABC in March that government was going to “control the insurance companies.” That same month Congressman John Dingel told WJR radio that the bill took so long because it “takes a long time to put together legislation to control the people.”

It turns out that healthcare was far less the reason for this legislation than redistributing the wealth and controlling businesses and the people.

The spin is in high gear and it isn’t done yet.

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